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Initial post 2 SEP 19 by zlesak
The collection you have at My Garden is amazing and the couple pictures are stunning. We are researching a rose black spot resistance gene in some of the Agriculture Canada cultivars and would love to test R. x kordesii to see if it is the source as it was used heavily in that program. 'Max Graf' isn't the source, the female parent of R. x kordesii. I suspect R. x kordesii is not a self pollination of 'Max Graf' as listed, but a chance hybrid with something else nearby that was in the garden at Kordes because of the unique floral features of R. x kordesii and maybe R. x kordesii may be the source of the resistance gene through its male parent. I see that My Garden has R. x kordesii in the collection and we would sure appreciate the opportunity to obtain some cuttings to start some plants to do the testing (resistance testing and DNA testing) and would be glad to acknowledge the source of the cuttings. We are struggling to find a source of R. x kordesii in the US.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 2 SEP 19 by Margit Schowalter
If all goes well, I expect to import R.Kordesii next spring. Budwood source is Sangerhausen and budding being done in Denmark. I couldn't find a plant in Canada either although there was one at Morden before their roses were destroyed.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 2 SEP 19 by zlesak
Oh my goodness!!

Thank you soo much Margit!!
Reply #3 of 3 posted 2 SEP 19 by Margit Schowalter
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Just a note: Dr. Svejda developed her own tretraploid seedling from Max Graf and crossed it with R. kordesii (L83). In Canada it is often confused with Rosa kordesii (L3). Unfortunately the parent codes assigned are very similar.

An easy way to distinguish the two is to count the petals.
L83 has 5 petals
L3 has approximately 20 petals.
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Initial post 30 JUL 18 by GardenGal3
I'm looking for the Petticoat rose and wondered where it might be sold in the US?
Thank you
Reply #1 of 1 posted 31 JUL 18 by Margaret Furness
Click on Plants search/lookup in the left menu, decide which Petticoat rose you're looking for, click on its name, then click on the Buy From tab at the top right of its page.
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