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Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden
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Initial post 1 FEB 23 by cjbrooks
Hi Kathy,

I am hoping you might have cuttings of "Glenda Marie" you would be willing to send or sell me sometime this year. I gave this rose to my wife for our anniversary several years ago and it unfortunately died. I have been trying to replace it but it appears that it is no longer in cultivation.

Chris Brooks
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Initial post 18 MAR 17 by pminor
So sorry
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 MAR 17 by Andrew from Dolton
In 1972 my father bought a house in the county of Sussex in the south-east of the U.K. and for over 30 years it was our family home. One of the first things he did was to plant a tree of Brewer's weeping spruce, Picea breweriana, in the front garden. This is a very beautiful tree with branches that curve out horizontally and curtains of branchlets hanging vertically down. After 30 years it made a spectacular specimen tree. In 2004 my parents died and I sold the house and moved to Devon in the south-west. I took a lorry load of plants with me, many of the plants my father loved and grew.
The first thing that the new owners did was to cut the spruce tree down. Had, with hindsight, I'd know this I would have offered the tree to a landscape company. But, new people owned the house, it was their choice, I've never been back to see the house again preferring to remember it in happier times, you just have to move on.
Down in Devon with an acre of virgin garden the first thing I planted was a good sized plant of the weeping spruce. Now after 12 years it is making a fine tree, baring cones for the first time last year. Planted in a prime position it never ceases to give me great pleasure and joy as do all the plants that so many absent loved ones also grew.
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Initial post 18 MAR 17 by pminor
He must ha e been an idiot.
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