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Flower Festival Commemorative Park - Hana Festa
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Initial post 18 OCT 19 by nobaranobara
‘Hana Festa Memorial Park’ is a translation error due to the lack of language skills of translators.
The correct notation is ‘Flower Festival Commemorative Park’.

In Japanese, it is written as '花フェスタ記念公園'.
The meaning of '花' is a flower.
'フェスタ' is an abbreviation for the festival.
The meaning of '公園’ is a park.
In Japanese, '記念' has two meanings: 'commemorative' and 'memorial'.
Because it ’s a botanical garden, not a graveyard, “Memorial Park” is wrong.

Please refer to the following URL.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 OCT 19 by jedmar
Thank you, the name is changed. However, the email address is, numerous links on the net are for "Hana Festa" which seems to be the pronunciation in Japanese (Hana festa kinen koen?). In order to make searches possible, this name is left after a dash.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 OCT 19 by nobaranobara
Thanks for your comment.
I'm ashamed that the notation on the official HP managed by Gifu Prefecture means 'grave' ・・・.
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