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M. Regimbal (Missy_GardenWhimsy's Garden)
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Jacques Cartier rose photo
Uploaded 18 NOV 09
Mayor of Casterbridge rose photo
April 12, 2009 Southern California
1 favorite vote.  
Uploaded 2 JUN 09
Sophy's Rose rose photo
10-05-09 Southern California
1 favorite vote.  
Uploaded 18 NOV 09
Mutabilis rose photo
1 favorite vote.  
Mary Rose ® rose photo
10-06-09 Southern California
6 favorite votes.  
Uploaded 18 NOV 09
Mutabilis rose photo
Mutabilis has been in my Southern California garden for at least 15 years. It is a very large least 15 feet tall, probably so large because of our warm weather. I could prune it to a smaller size but I love it and it is very happy the way it is. I have to prune it some on the sunny side or it covers the pathway. .
11 favorite votes.  
James Galway rose photo
4-18-09 Southern California
Uploaded 2 JUN 09
Madame Caroline Testout rose photo
3 favorite votes.  
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