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Lyn's Rose Garden
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Initial post 27 AUG 06 by Anonymous-105672
Dear Lyn, I have seen your lovely photo of The Dark Lady rose which I am thinking of buying.  I live in the Adelaide Hills also, can you tell me how this has gone with the change in temperatures.  I also am thinking about Fisherman's Friend and the Reine des Violettes.  Many thanks.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 12 OCT 06 by lynfarn

I am so sorry that I have been slow in replying - I haven't used this site for a while but intend to do better!  I love "The Dark Lady" and she has coped well with the winters in our area. Large blooms and a deep colour.  I am thrilled with all of the David Austins I have planted, but beware - they grow bigger for us than they do in England, so give them plenty of room.  I do not have Fisherman's Friend, but "The Dark Lady" to me is a better colour.  "Reine des Violettes" needs a little more attention and has weaker foliage, but a glorious rose. 


Reply #2 of 3 posted 12 OCT 06 by Anonymous-105672
Dear Lyn, thank you for this.  I have one Dark Lady in, and put in two Reine des Violettes, but it looks like only is going to make it.  I have treated all with loving care, but the extreme temperatures are going to test them.  If the Dark Lady makes it I will put in more, having regard to your comments about size. thanks again for getting back to me.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 13 OCT 06 by lynfarn
I thought you had probably given up on a reply from me - so sorry again for the great delay.  I meant to say that (and I don't know if you grow many DA's or not) but they are superb in a slightly raised bed as their flowers (especially "The Dark Lady") tend to be very large and hang down.  Reine des Violettes is described as vigorous, but I have found her tricky.  Other DA's that have grown well in my area (Hahndorf) are Abraham Darby, The Crocus Rose, Heritage, Chaucer, Winchester Cathedral and Mary Rose.  There are small DA's available too: Ambridge Rose & Tamora have done well for me.  Good Luck with your Dark Lady.  Lyn.
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