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Victoria's Rose Garden
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Initial post 8 FEB 06 by Anonymous-100669
To the owner and/or proprietor of Victoria's Rose Garden: I have been computer-searching for a local (RI/ local MA or CT) nursery that sells the miniature climber "Red Cascade." When I did a search within this "Helpmefind" site, I found your garden to have this variety! Would you (or anyone else reading this post) be so kind as to let me know where I can purchase this rose bush? I saw it in a couple books I've read on roses, but the major rose nursery in this general area doesn't carry it. Thank you very much in advance. ~Gardenseeker
Reply #1 of 5 posted 9 FEB 06 by Lyn G
Unless you live in a state that has restrictions against roses shipped from California, you can order a plant from the hybridizer's nursery. Sequoia Nursery. They ship all over the US and any nursery carrying the plant probably bought it from Sequoia wholesale. The website address is

To find other sponsoring nurseries carrying this rose, just click on "Roses" on the navigation bar to the left; type 'Red Cascade' in the search field, click "Search". When the rose page comes up, just click the "Available From" tab at the top right and a list of nurseries carrying the rose will appear.


Reply #3 of 5 posted 9 FEB 06 by Anonymous-797
Thank you Lyn!
I had noticed the option of using the information bar, then proceding accordingly. I went back to it just now to re-check. There were a hand-full of places, including Sequoia Nursery in CA. I made sure that I went to that site since you suggested it, then to some of the others. If I don't end up finding a nursery here in RI or very local MA or CT, I may just order from Sequoia! Thanks again! Jerry (Gardenseeker)
Reply #5 of 5 posted 11 FEB 06 by Lyn G
When you recieve your rose, don't be surprised at it's small size. I have planted roses from 2" to 4" pots at the beginning of summer and have had full sized roses within one season.

By the way, Sequoia Nursery will be closing in February, 2007. Mr. Moore will be 100 years old in January. He has been introducing roses for more than 70 years. You will be purchasing one of the last roses sold by HIS nursery. Other nurseries will continue to carry his roses after next year, but I just think it's kind of special to buy from him.


Reply #2 of 5 posted 9 FEB 06 by Unregistered Guest
I picked up Red Cascade from Nor'East Minature Roses a few years ago when they were located in Rowley, Massachusetts. They have relocated to California since; I've mail ordered from them twice and been very pleased with the roses. I've also ordered minis from Bridges Roses in North Carolina and been happy with their roses and service.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 10 FEB 06 by Unregistered Guest
Thanks Victoria's Garden! I'll check out those two nursery's sites! Jerry (Gardenseeker)
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