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Samantha's Garden
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Initial post 25 JAN 08 by Michael Dosey
Samantha: Re: Columbia (Hill '16). Dickerson quotes Thomas as stating that this rose "...scorches in heat". While his meaning of 'heat' is unclear, I would ask you two questions. Is your Columbia in all day sun, and, if so, do the blooms scorch? Thanks. Mike, Michigan
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Initial post 30 NOV 05 by Unregistered Guest
Very nice of you to share all these beautyfull pictures.

Reply #1 of 1 posted 30 NOV 05 by matissesmom
Well, bonjour, Rejean.
Welcome to my garden. If there are any roses you'd like to see from my garden and there aren't photos, just ask me and I'll get a photo as soon as possible.

I have some to upload... just need the patience to do so.
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Initial post 16 OCT 05 by Lizzie's Garden
I am interested in finding out more about one of the roses you grow. The rose is "Old Korbel Gold". I am specifically interested in it's growing characteristics regarding the mature height, width, bloom frequency and disease resistance. I am located in Northern CA , East Bay region and our climates are probably quite similar (zone 9)

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Reply #1 of 8 posted 16 OCT 05 by Samantha's Garden
Hi Lizzie.
I'm going to see you on Saturday, right? It is about 3 ft tall and two feet wide. I've only had it less than a year, so I am not sure how big it will get.
We'll ask Gregg and Phillip on Saturday. If for some reason, you can't be there, I'll email you and give you the answers.
It is one of my top 5 favorites, whatever it is.

Hope this helps. I do have a feeling it may be smaller for you unless you get the long HOT summers that I do. Hot winter spells, too.
It is one of my most interesting roses.
Reply #2 of 8 posted 29 OCT 05 by Lizzie
I seem to be another LIzzie than the one you know (since you didn't show up at my door on Sat nite as expected ;-) Thanks for the information. I do have loooong hot summers (Livermore) so I anticipate it would grow significantly larger over time. Regards, Lizzie
Reply #3 of 8 posted 29 OCT 05 by matissesmom
Livermore? I just went through there last weekend on my way UP to Vintage Gardens. They had their annual Dirt Day and party and shopping spree.

I thought you were "Lizzie" from a garden forum who ALSO has Old Korbel Gold and lives up north, too. LOL!

It is a small world. I really love the chameleon blooms with this one and several other Pernetianas.

Do you have Autumn? A 1928 by Coddington? It is stunning. Very fragrant and loves to bloom. Haven't seen two blooms yet that look alike.

I just got Lyke Dazla... you'd probably like this one, too.

Let me know how OKG does for you.
Reply #4 of 8 posted 4 NOV 05 by Lizzie's Garden
Thank you, Sam, for the information but I don't have OKG (yet!). I am curious as to how it compares to Soleil d'Or with regards to bloom frequency, fragrance, disease resistance, mature height and overall "gottahaveit". I only have enough space remaining for one more and have to make a choice :-(

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

Reply #5 of 8 posted 7 NOV 05 by Samantha's Garden
It seems to bloom a lot more than my Soleil d'Or. SdO is still young, just two years at my house and so I have heard he blooms more as he ages.
OKG, has bloomed several times since I've had him and is getting ready to bloom, again.
It has been here about 6 or 7 months.

Hope that helps.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 7 NOV 05 by Lizzie's Garden
Is your OKG a custom root from VG? It seems to have limited availability.
Reply #7 of 8 posted 7 NOV 05 by matissesmom
No, it was a 'passalong' from a friend. I was VERY LUCKY to get it.
Patience is the word with Vintage, or call them and ask them if they HAVE already propagated it and will it maybe be available in the spring.
I waited over a year for Souvenir de Claudius Pernet. It finally came up.
Reply #8 of 8 posted 8 NOV 05 by Lizzie
Lucky You! Thanks again for the info and Happy Gardening :-) L
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