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All-America Rose Selection
Plant Types:Roses 
Description:The AARS has been testing roses since 1938. There are official AARS trial gardens, representing a wide range of climates, throughout the United States. Selected roses are evaluated over a two-year period. Roses are rated according to their beauty and ease in growing.

[From Peter Schneider on Roses, by Peter Schneider, p. 11:] most AARS roses are good garden performers, especially in the South and West, where the majority of AARS trial grounds are located. Recently, several AARS winners, including the hybrid teas 'Brandy' and 'Perfect Moment', have proven to be disappointingly winter tender in northern gardens.

[From Roses of America, by Stephen Scanniello and Tania Bayard, p. 21:] the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) was founded in 1938... Growers from all over the world submit new roses for testing in... AARS trial gardens at universities and firms around the country, and over a period of two years, experienced judges rate these roses for their disease resistance, hardiness, flowers, form, and ability to grow in the differing climates of the United States. The AARS award winners chosen at the end of the trial period comprise only about four percent of all the roses tested...

[From A Rose Collection for a Healthy Future, p. 26:] all new AARS winners are entered into the FPMS (Foundation Plant Materials Service) program at the University of California at Davis... 

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