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The Rose Amateur's Guide, 1837
(1837)  Page(s) 35.  
The Scotch Rose. (Rosa spinosissima.)
The following varieties have generally proved good and distinct.
Adelaide, a large red rose, double, and a good variety.
(1837)  Page(s) 10.  
Sempervirens. Adelaide d'Orléans, pale rose, shaded, imbricated and double.
(1837)  Page(s) 47.  
Sempervirens. Jacques, the chief gardener at the Château de Neuilly, has had the pleasure of originating most of the varities now in cultivation; two or three he has named after the daughters of his royal master, King Louis Philippe: - Adelaide d'Orléans is one of these, and a very pretty and excellent rose it is, with dark shining foliage, and beautiful pale rose-coloured flowers: this has also the honour of being named by Mr. Wood, "Wood's Don Juan;" and in the Floricultural Cabinet for September, a figure of it is given, which is as like a sunflower as this pretty and distinct rose.
(1838)  Page(s) 387.  
Adelaide of Orleans. Shrub, vigorous. Stems, creeping, rather kneed. Thorns, not numerous, reddish, short; even scattered; slightly curved. Bark, smooth, glossy. Leaves, composed of five leaflets. Leaflets, thick, oblong, rather acuminated; toothing sloped and irregular. Flowers, large, full, regular; pure white
(1837)  Page(s) 22.  
The Summer Rose Garden. Hybrid China Roses.
Adele Ancelin is a most delicate coloured and beautiful rose, very perfect in its shape, and distinct in character.
(1837)  Page(s) 21-2.  
The Summer Rose Garden. Hybrid China Roses.
Adolphe Cachet is a rose not much known; but a very double, well shaped, and distinct variety.
(1837)  Page(s) 35.  
The Scotch Rose. (Rosa spinosissima.)
The following varieties have generally proved good and distinct.
Aimable Etrangère, a French hybrid with very double pure white flowers.
(1837)  Page(s) 80.  
Among the varieties most deserving of notice is Aimée Vibert, or "Rosa nivea", a seedling from the Rosa sempervirens plena, which it resembles, but much surpasses its parent in the valuable quantity of autumnal blooming. Nothing can be prettier than a large plant of Aimée Vibert Noisette, covered with its snow-white flowers, in September and October.
(1837)  Page(s) 81.  
The Noisette Rose.
Belle Violette is a genuine Noisette, and a very neat and pretty little rose; its flowers are of a rosy lilac, and very distinct and good.
(1837)  Page(s) 17.  
The Summer Rose Garden.
Hybrid Provence Roses.
Amelie Guerin is evidently from the seed of that good old rose, the Globe hip, but with smaller and more double flowers, of the same pure white, a pretty and distinct variety.
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