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Stewart, T. G. - catalogue (Box Hill, Victoria, Australia)
(1941)  Page(s) 2.  
Agnes Barclay (H.T.) A beautiful Rose of rich yellow and reddish salmon tints. Well-shaped bud, having a tea scent. Most beautiful in autumn and winter.
(1941)  Page(s) 2.  
Amy Johnson (H.T.) – Named after the great lady aviator, commemorating her landing in Australia. Vigorous, healthy grower, with good foliage. Sweetly-scented blooms of a beautiful pink shade. Pillar or large Bush Rose.,
(1941)  Page(s) 1.  
'Apricot Queen' (H.T.) (Howard & Smith 1940). Orange and apricot at base of petals. Merging to salmony-rose and phlox-pink in the fully developed bloom. The bud is long pointed and the growth is strong. Dwarf 2/6 each.
(1941)  Page(s) 2.  
Barcelona (H.T.)  (W. Kordes & Sohne).  Very strong, upright, bushy growth with  healthy foliage.  Large full blooms of good form carried on erect stem.   Colour deep crimson with velvety shadings.    Strong old rose perfume.
(1941)  Page(s) 2.  
Baxter Beauty. (H.G.). (G. L. Cole). A yellow sport of Lorraine Lee having the same characteristics as its parent, except as to colour.

[note G. L. Cole ran ‘Rosalton Nurseries’, Tower Road, Mt. Eliza, Victoria and advertised in the Australian Rose Annual 1941-xix and 1943-xxiii]
(1941)  Page(s) 2.  
Beatrice McGregor (HT) (Alister Clark) – Is a well formed, full, dark red rose, bred from ‘Sensation’ of glorious colour and scent. Constant and healthy.
(1941)  Page(s) 3.  
Billy Boiler (HT). Striking semi-double red. A very vigorous grower and free flowerer. Makes a fine Pillar Rose.
(1941)  Page(s) 14.  
Borderer – pink, shaded with copper and amber. Very dwarf, spreading habit. Good foliage. Double and beautifully perfumed.
(1941)  Page(s) 11.  
Bushfire (Wich. Ramb.) Bright, rich crimson, with yellow base. Growth very strong.
(1941)  Page(s) 3.  
Busybody (H.T.) This name aptly describes the Rose. It grows into a compact bush, producing an endless quantity of blooms. The colour is a rich orange-yellow.
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