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A Family of Roses
(1971)  Page(s) 91.  
Adair Roche was the architect who designed [the breeder's] house on the hill overlooking the nursery.
(1971)  Page(s) 157.  
Arthur Bell A very fragrant deep-yellow floribunda paling to creamy yellow. Extremely healthy and winter hardy. Uladh Award, Rose Society of Northern Ireland.
(1971)  Page(s) 151.  
British Queen McGredy 1912. Fragrant white hybrid tea.
(1971)  Page(s) 152.  
Christine McGredy 1918. Deep golden-yellow hybrid tea.
p91-92 Sam McGredy: [the name] 'City of Belfast' reminds any rose-enthusiast of the beautiful trial -grounds and rose-garden in my native Ireland, and reminds me of the honour I had to be concerned in its foundation. It is also a compliment to Belfast Parks Director, Reg Wesley.

p108 b/w illustration 'City of Belfast'.

p121 ibid. ..... Palmerston North, north of Wellington in North Island because that is a particularly good growing area, and this was convenient for me because my agent lives only about thirty miules away. it was decided that the first trial should take place a year before the convention, that is in 1970, and it made me very happy that..... the gold medal for the floribunda was won by 'City of Belfast' which is another of my roses.

p122 ....Then I got the award again with 'City of Belfast' and I was asked once more to choose something to be presented to me. A day or so later I was in Liberty's in Regent Street in London, when I saw two big and heavy ashtrays in smoky orange glass and I thought how much I would like them. I communed with myself and decided 'Why not?', so I bought them on the spot, adding five pounds to make up the price of thirty pounds. On the day of the presentation I marched up to the platform to be presented with my two glass ashtrays, and I have a strong impression that I had offended against the code and had not done quite the right thing.

p123 My rose 'City of Belfast' won the City of Belfast trial in 1970, an achievement of which I was especially proud. When the mayor presented me with the Golden Thorn, the second I had won, I turned round and gave it to Craig Wallace in recognition of his work in founding the City of Belfast trials. He was speechless !

p143 who is to say whether ..... or 'City of Belfast' are going to be successful enough to join the august company of the great?

p158 'City of Belfast' 'Evelyn Fison' x ('Circus' x 'Korona'). Flaming orange floribunda.
Gold Medal and President's International Trophy, R.N.R.S.
Gold Medals: Geneva and New Zealand.
Golden Thorn of the Rose Society of Northern Ireland.
Nord-Rose Award Winner, Scandinavia.

p160 The President's International Trophy. 1967. 'City of Belfast'. Fl. McGredy.
(1971)  Includes photo(s).
p88. The naming of roses.....One cannot help wondering if ....and 'City of Leeds' appear as romantic to a Spaniard.

p88 Gillian Kenny b/w Illustration. 'City of Leeds'.

p92 One of the best flower-shows in the North of England is in the City of Leeds - hence their rose.

p143 The following year <[1964] brought my 'City of Leeds' which is established as probably the best deep salmon-pink; it won a gold medal and is a very outstanding rose in England.

p158 'City of Leeds' 'Evelyn Fison x ['Spartan' x 'Red Favourite'). Even-salmon floribunda. Gold Medal, RNRS.
(1971)  Page(s) 151.  
Countess of Gosford McGredy 1906. Salmon-pink hybrid tea. Gold Medal, RNRS
p42 .... 'Spartan' [is] highly fragrant. The fragrance has come through to their offspring 'Elizabeth of Glamis', 'Courvoisier' ....

p89 In my own catalogue, for example, you will find the astounding information that 'Elizabeth of Glamis' and 'Casanova' are the parents of 'Courvoisier'!

p96 'Courvoisier' was named in 1969 for the brandy....

p97 'Courvoisier' is a name that has something to say in colour, flavour and intoxication that a rose may, with little imagination represent - though it will not smell like brandy !

p159 'Courvoisier' 1970. 'Elizabeth of Glamis' x 'Casanova'. Very fragrant bronze-yellow floribunda.
(1971)  Page(s) 154.  
Cynthia Brooke 1946. An unusually deep ochre-yellow hybrid tea. Completely unfading.
(1971)  Page(s) 156.  
p110 I encountered professional P.R. for the first time in the person of Bob Aylwin....and in the event Bob remained as P.R. man for McGredy's nursery for a period of ten years. He had a lot of sound ideas and he did some very good things for me.....He was responsible also for obtaining permission from the Queen Mother for me to name a rose 'Elizabeth of Glamis'.

p156. 1964. Elizabeth of Glamis ('Irish Charm') 'Spartan' x 'Highlight'. Very fragrant salmon-pink floribunda named after Her Majesty the Queen Mother. Gold Medal and the President's International Trophy 1963, R.N.R.S. Nord-Rose Award Winner, Scandinavia. Gold Medal, Copenhagen. Clay Cup for Fragrance, R.N.R.S.
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