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The Rose Annual (The Royal National Rose Society, 1966-1983, 2005-2007)
(1970)  Page(s) 177.  
L. G. Turner. The Trial Ground 1969. Certificate of Merit to 'Adair Roche'.....
(1973)  Page(s) 183.  
L. G. Turner.  The Awards to New Roses in 1972. 
Trial Ground Certificate.  Adolf Horstmann (HT) Raiser W. Kordes & Son, Germany.  Distributor S. McGredy & Son Ltd. N. Ireland.  Trial Ground No, 2016.  'Dr. A. J. Verhage' x 'Colour Wonder'.   Bloom deep yellow edged pink, full (26 petals), slightly fragrant, borne singly.  Growth very vigorous, tall, upright.  Foliage semi-glossy, medium green, large. 
(1980)  Page(s) 101.  
'Aimable Rouge'
(1981)  Page(s) 116.  
Apart from the typical Miniatures, Quinto Mansuino with the help of his nephews Ada and Michele, raised: 'Aida', 'Red Flare', both patented in the USA; 'Purezza', a Banksiae hybrid which won the Rome Gold Medal 1960; 'Epoca', 'Superba', 'Rubino' and many others.
p152. Ellis Wood. The Roses of Whickham.
As you enter the town via Swalwell and approach Garden House, you again pass large rectangular beds of roses set in grass, and again planted with two varieties each: 'Aileen'....

p154, 'Aileen'. Peach colour. Flor. 1972. 'Elizabeth of Glamis' sport.
(1966)  Page(s) 168.  
'Alamein'. First Certificate and special Prize. Orleans, 1965. S. McGredy & Son, N. Ireland.
(1970)  Page(s) 179.  
International Awards 1969. Madrid. First Certificate 'Alec Rose' (flori). Sam McGredy, N. Ireland.
(1973)  Page(s) 203..  
Cocker/Harkness advertisement. ....The name was given by the trade, who one and all referred to seedling 3077A as Alec's Red, while Alec Cocker was trying to think of a more stately name for it. So 'Alec's Red' stuck.
(1976)  Page(s) 200.  
R. Harkness & Co. Ltd. advertisement. We also have 'Climbing Alec's Red', a sport discovered by Robert Harkness, one of the young generation in the family.
(1981)  Page(s) 213.  
S. Millar Gault. The Provincial Display Gardens.
Alexander' was growing well, showing many serrated petals as it does on occasion.
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