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Poulsen On The Rose (1955 ed.)
(1955)  Page(s) 109.  
'Alain' Polyantha-hybrid. The blooms, which are usually gathered in large clusters, are double crimson-red, and very durable. As the plant flowers continuously until late harvest it is an excellent garden-rose. It is also healthy and hardy. Moderately fragrant. Tall
(1955)  Page(s) 110.  
'Anne-Mette Poulsen'. Polyantha-hybrid. The large, semi-double, fiery red blooms, the wavy petals, yellow stamens and large clusters of blooms all go to make a plant of quite exceptional beauty. Moderately fragrant. Medium height
(1955)  Page(s) 110.  
'Atombombe'. Novelty. Polyantha-hybrid. Large double blooms set in very large clusters. The colour is brilliant scarlet without other shadings. The blooms last well. The foliage is healthy and the form well-built-up and shapely. Tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 112.  
'Baroness Manon' Hybrid polyantha. Yet another large-flowered cluster rose with the character of a hybrid tea, and may thus well be planted among these. The growth is robust and prolific. The strong shoots are covered with large, powerful thorns. The foliage is attractive and the whole plant floriferous and pleasing. It sometimes continues to flower till late into October or even till early November. The blooms are tightly-packed double, and their colour light-crimson. Medium fragrance. Tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 114.  
'Betty Prior'. (Hedge). Belongs to that vigorous type that can be planted as a hedge between one's rose-bushes or may be allowed to grow and develop either as a solitary bush or be planted in threes, merely trimming it back slightly here and there. In this way a completely constant flowering, prolific park-rose may be developed. It is single and the colouring varies between light and dark pink. Very tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 114.  
'Mrs. Julie Poulsen' . Hybrid polyantha. This is a very characteristic variety. It is an almost single, large-flowering, charmingly tender pink, shot with tinges of yellow. Carries a wealth of flower in large, loosely-set clusters. The foliage is reddish and dainty. Both in vases and in the garden it is highly decorative. Tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 111.  
'Cocorico' A polyantha rose of 'Karen Poulsen' type, but taller, and of an intensive tile-red colour. The wealth of large, single, strongly-coloured blooms, and its healthy; prolific growth, will certainly secure this rose a place in many a garden of the future. Very tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 116.  
'Columbine'. Another new-corner. So new, indeed, that it will not be on the market before 1955 or 1956, but, being so pleased with it myself, I cannot refrain from including it in advance, so to speak. It is, in a way, a 'Peace' in miniature, but is, in reality a cross between 'Danish Gold' and 'Frensham', and is therefore prodigiously floriferous and healthy. And then, what delightful fragrance! The shape of the flowers, the wonderful perfume and its growth are all they should be, if a rose is to be considered really good. Very fragrant. Medium habit
(1955)  Page(s) 110.  
'Commonwealth'. (Herzblut). Polyantha-hybrid. This radiantly bright, blood-red, large-flowered semi-double variety will certainly be much in demand in coming summers. Moderate height.
p89. It wast he light, elegant, pointed rose-blooms that first gave rise to the wish for a change and opened the eyes of rose cultivators to a new world of beauty. Unfortunately, as it proved, the tea-roses were unable to satisfy the demands made upon them, their stalks were too feeble and flabby and the plants were not truly hardy. On the other hand it seemed as though the hybrid teas, that strong and healthy type of rose, were going to fulfil all the requirements needed for a rose; but a long time was to pass, and only in the years subsequent to the first world war was this development accomplished, and has possibly reached its climax in roses like 'President Hoover, 'Talisman', 'Elite', Comtesse Vandal, 'Spek's Yellow' 'Fashion', 'Irene' and many others.

p107. Comtesse Vandal Copper and salmon-pink. A delightful rose from the first colouring of the prettily turned, pointed buds till the last petals fall.
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