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Rose's medicinal value
(13 Jun 2005)  
The third variety is also fragrant crimson with 33 petals and short and weak stem. It is mainly used for making bouquets, garlands and wreaths. This variety has become naturalized and can be termed as the most indigenous because of its wide cultivation.
(13 Jun 2005)  
The second species of indigenous rose is rosa demacena (damask rose) useful for perfumes and is high in cost.
(13 Jun 2005)  
The use and demand of rose petals is increasing day by day. Its exports are on the rise thus providing foreign exchange. Out of the indigenous roses that are used, the most popular and common variety are gulkandi, gulab or baramasi. Due to its commercial demand it is extensively planted in the plains of Sindh and Punjab, particularly in Hyderabad and Chkawal districts.
A variety of desi gulab (local rose) known in the west as rosa edouard, is pink, highly fragrant and flowers profusely in spring season. It is used mainly for making garlands, oil, water and conserve (Gulkand). It is also used as a rootstock for the propagation of modern roses.
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