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Roses and Friends
(13 Jan 2019)  
Albanian Kazanlik” # (study name, though possibly ‘Krasnaya Kazanlik’ (Red Kazanlik), or ‘Krasnaya Krimskaya’ (Red Crimea)) (d)(own root)(p) Medium, loosely double, mauve pink, ageing toward crimson. Fragrant. 1.8m
(7 Mar 2015)  
Amelia (syn. ‘100 not out’; ‘Elaine’; ‘Centenary of Newtown Park’) Australian-bred, from Richard Walsh. Large, double, well-formed; rose pink. 1.5m
(13 Jan 2019)  
Mrs. R M Finch’. Medium, double, cupped. Pale pink. Often incorrectly confused with, sold or grown as Alister Clark’s ‘Australia Felix’, which it most definitely is not. 1.5m  
(13 Jan 2019)  
Irish Harmony. (1904). Large, single. Soft pale lemon yellow. 1.2m  (sold as “Bishop’s Lodge Precious Porcelain” (study name)).
(13 Jan 2019)  
Website/Catalog  (13 Jan 2019)  
American Beauty. (syn. “Sydney Linton” (ror)).(hp). Huge, fully double, cupped; rose pink. Exquisite fragrance. Tall, upright growth to 2m+. Originally released in 1875 as Mme. Ferdinand Jamin.
(2010)  Includes photo(s).
‘Blue for You’ (pbr) (syn. PEJamblu), from Peter James in England via Australian Roses, is a tall modern shrub or pillar rose, displaying large, cupped, semi-double, fragrant blooms in a true old purple, with a blush to white centre, appearing in huge clusters on long, strong shoots. Foliage is dark green and healthy. A fascinating new variety for the back of the border or a pillar. 2m x 1.2m
(2010)  Includes photo(s).
‘Bright Ideas’, from the late Colin Horner of the U.K., is a healthy, controllable and sturdy climbing rose to 3 metres bearing clusters of medium-sized, somewhat cupped blooms in a deep pink, splashed and striped with white and silvery pale pink. Its dark green, glossy slightly crinkled foliage is also a distinctive, identifying feature. 3m x 2m
(6 Sep 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Candy Eye  (syn. CHEecoeye)
Yet another quality hulthemia hybrid from Chris Warner, bearing rich pink semi-single blooms with a maroon eye, and healthy, shiny, virtually disease free foliage. A definite for collectors of these varieties. 1m x 1.5m
(13 Jul 2012)  
'Gardener's Glory' (CHEwability). Another award winning climbing rose from Chris Warner, with clusters of medium to large, double bright buttercup yellow blooms on a sturdy and healthy plant, with mid green shiny foliage. Superb disease resistance and a good fragrance. An extremely popular variety in the UK, we’ve waited a long time for this rose and now we can finally offer it to you for the coming season. 3m x 2m
(7 Jan 2012)  Includes photo(s).
ALI BABA (CHEwalibaba) Here is a wonderful new climbing rose from Chris Warner in the UK, and an exciting new colour in the form. Small clusters of large, double, salmon orange blooms adorn the plant throughout the season. Just as the colour is new in climbers, so is the fragrance, a blend of spice and herbs, reminding one of nettles. A multi-award winning rose in trials around the world, this healthy and vigorous rose will make a splendid addition to our (and your) collection of climbers. 3m x 2m.
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