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American Rose Society Modern Roses Database
(23 Dec 2014)  
Name: 'A Country Woman'
Synonyms: 'Jacgrid'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: A Country Woman
HT, dr, Zary. Introductions: 1997
(18 Sep 2016)  
Registered Name: 'Websunshine'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: A Rose for Ryedale
F, my, 2014, Webster, Robert; flowers 3½ in., full, borne mostly solitary, no fragrance; foliage medium , medium green, glossy; prickles straight, moderate, brown; growth compact, 30 in.; bedding
[(Cider Cup x Geraldine) x (((City of London x ((Matangi x Memorium)) x Princess Alice))) × [Donna Rose]]
Introductions: R V Roger, 2015, United Kingdom
(17 May 2014)  
Registered Name: 'Abundance'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Abundance
F, mp, 1976, Gandy, Douglas L.; flowers 4½ in., 30 petals, slight fragrance; foliage dark; low, bushy growth
[seedling × Firecracker]. Introductions: 1974
An Information List of all Varieties. p6
1980. Academy - Macgutsy. Nicknamed Gutsy.
(14 Oct 2015)  
Registered Name: 'Tanallepa'
Synonyms: Acapella®, 'Charlie Dimmock', 'Love You Rose'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Charlies Rose
HT, pb, 2000, Tantau, Math.; bud long, pointed; flowers pink, reverse silver pink, 14-15 cm., full, borne mostly singly, intense fragrance; good repeat ; foliage large, dark green, semi-glossy; prickles numerous; growth upright, vigorous growth, 100-120 cm.[seedling × seedling]. Introductions:
Charlies Rose, Rosen Tantau, 1998, Germany
Love You Rose, Knight's Roses, 2015, Australia
(18 Jun 2015)  
Name: 'Achantha'
Synonyms: 'Achanta'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Achantha
Gr, dr, Viraraghavan, M.S. Viru. Introductions: 1987
(16 Oct 2015)  
Registered Name: 'Adharman'
Synonyms: 'Commandant Cousteau', 'Grand Huit', 'Grande Classe', 'Le Grand Huit'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Lasting Love
Photo: Gene Sasse ©2007 used courtesy of Weeks Roses HT, dr, 2001, Adam, Michel; flowers velvety red, 10 cm., 28 petals, high-centered , borne singly and several together , moderate fragrance; recurrent; foliage brown-red when young, becoming dark green, glossy ; growth upright, medium (90 cm.); hips red, globular; PPAF. [Harmonie × Meitulimon]. Introductions: Le Grand Huit, NIRP International, 1991. Commandant Cousteau, 1993. Awards: Fragrance Award, Hamilton Rose Trials, New Zealand, 2006
(1 Mar 2018)  
Registered Name:'Adrian Bailey' 
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Adrian Bailey F, op, 1978, Bailey; bud globular; flowers orange-scarlet, large, 28 petals; foliage glossy; bushy, upright growth [Fragrant Cloud × Evelyn Fison]
(9 Jul 2015)  
Name: 'Dorache'
Synonyms: 'Dorache'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Adrien Mercer®
F, rb, Dorieux. Introductions: before 1990
(22 Oct 2016)  
Synonyms: 'Pink Lady', 'Radsweet'
ARS Approved Exhibition Name: Alaska
S, lp, Radler, William; flowers light pink fading to near white , single , flat , borne in small clusters, intense from foliage, none from bloom, sweetbriar fragrance; recurrent ; foliage medium to dark green ; 40 inch growth; PP19032, [Radtee × Radral]. Introductions:
Alaska, Meilland-Richardier, 2008, Italy
Pink Lady, Stark Bros., 2009, USA
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