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The Rose Manual (Buist)
(1844)  Page(s) 55.  
Berleze or 'L'Abbé Berleze'... a very double violet crimson, beautifully, though not very distinctly, mottled with rose
(1844)  Page(s) 15.  
Adelaide d'Orleans Hybrid Sempervirens... pale rosy blush, very large clusters
(1844)  Page(s) 49.  
Africaine ('Belle Africaine') Gallica... one of the very darkest... nearer black than any other, but soon fades to dark crimson...
(1844)  Page(s) 122-3.  
Rosa Indica.
The Bengal Chinese, or Daily Rose.
Aglae Loth, shaded rose fading to dark red, very double, and perfect form.
(1844)  Page(s) 16-17.  
Sempervirens the parent of Noisette Aimée Vibert...
(1844)  Page(s) 90-91.  
Aimée Vibert, or Nevia, is a beautiful pure white, perfect in form, a profuse bloomer, but though quite hardy does not grow freely with us; however when budded on a strong stock it makes a magnificent standard, and blooms with a profusion not surpassed by any; this very exquisite variety was grown from seed of a rose that blooms only once in the season (Sempervirens Pleno) by J. P. Vibert, of Lonjumeaux, near Paris, who has grown many very superb roses from seed. When I visited him, in 1839, whilst discoursing upon roses, he directed my attention with great enthusiasm to this plant, and said, "Celle ci est si belle, que Je lui ai donné le nom de ma fille chérie - Aimée Vibert." This enthusiasm can be easily understood by those who, like myself, have been so fortunate as to see the two "Aimée Viberts" - the rose and the young girl - both in their full bloom, and both as lovely as their seet name. In the southern states it grows freely, and is a profuse bloomer during the fall months.
(1844)  Page(s) 90.  
Alba Noisette... pure white... makes a beautiful dwarf bush, requiring very little support...
(1844)  Page(s) 162.  
Alba Odorata or the double White Microphylla grows very luxuriantly, frequently making shoots eight or ten feet long in one season; and in warm soils, where the season extends from March to December, they will no doubt grow twenty feet. The flowers are very large and double, of a yellowish-white, very fragrant, and look beautiful among the dark green foliage.
(1844)  Page(s) 45.  
Alice Leroi appears to suit [Philadelphia's] climate well... rosy lilac colour, and frequently rose edged with lilac...
(1844)  Page(s) 90.  
Alzand Noisette... pale pink, very double...
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