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Conard & Jones Co. [The]. Fall Catalog
(1904)  Page(s) 8.  
Beauty of Rosemawr (New, Introduced by The C. & J. Co., 1903).  Another season's trial has proved this to be one of the very best Hardy Ever-blooming Roses yet produced.  It is a healthy, vigorous grower, makes a strong, handsome bush, and blooms all the time, the flowers are large, delightfully fragrant, and perfectly double, with fine overlapping petals and raised centre; color, a lovely shade of rich carmine red, finely veined with creamy white, a splendid garden rose, far superior in every way to the old time-roses so often asked for, and sure to be a great favorite as soon as known.  2½ inch, 85 cents per dozen; $6-00 per 100.  4 inch, $2.50 per dozen.
(1905)  Page(s) 4.  
Grand New Winter-Blooming Roses
The Gem -- This is a very lovely rose, scarcely excelled by any of the newer kinds; the color is rich creamy white, delicately shaded with rose and pale canary yellow; large full flowers, delightfully scented, constant and abundant bloomer. Strong plants, 15 cts., postpaid.
Mad. Jules Groles--A new rose of great beauty, very handsome bade and large full finely formed flowers; the color is lovely china rose passing to clear rich satiny pink, remarkably bright and attractive.
(1913)  Page(s) 30.  
Roses Selected for Winter Blooms.
'Yellow Maman Cochet' (Mlle. Helena Gambier). Color, lovely canary-yellow, with deep peachy red center, changing to creamy pink as the flowers open. Large, double and sweet.
Marion Dingee Deep rich crimson, one of the darkest colored ever-blooming roses we have.
[courtesy Brent C. Dickerson 'The Old Rose Advisor' second edition, Vol 1, page 189 (C&Jf97) ]
(1905)  Page(s) 5.  
Grand Winter-blooming Roses
Winter Gem This is a beautiful new Tea Rose, and a wonderful bloomer, covering itself with lovely buds and flowers as long as kept in growing condition. Color, an exquisite shade of lovely creamy pink. Blooms all the time and particularly in the house or conservatory in Winter, hence its name, "Winter Gem". Strong plants, 15 cts. each, postpaid.
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