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Heritage Rose Foundation
(Sep 2014)  Page(s) 12.  
Sandy Frary. Reclaiming 'Devoniensis'.
Most people are not aware of Gregg Lowery's role in perpetuating both the bush and climbing form of the Tea, Devoniensis. According to Gregg, the bush form has only been found in one location in the United States - the old Rural Cemetery in Santa Rosa, California.....
(Sep 2014)  Page(s) 14.  
Sondra Bierre. Sharing the Roses of Joyce Demits' Garden.
....Some of Joyce's rarer roses included "Glen Blair", a white rose from the mining period (probably 'Mme. Alfred Carriere')....
(Feb 2015)  Page(s) 8.  
Tuan Ching. The 2014 Indian Rose Federation Conference.
Among the many rosarians who spoke were.... and Dr. Guoliang Wang from china (on the Chinese rose "Baoxiang", equivalent to "Maggie" in the west)
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