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The Rose Gardens of England
(1988)  Page(s) 81.  
In his fascinating book Climbing Roses Old and New Graham Thomas tells how the raiser, Pernet-Ducher, produced two varieties from the same cross in 1923. The parents were 'Mme Eugene Verdier' and R. foetida persiana and one of the resulting roses was 'La Rève', which Pernet-Ducher preferred, and put on the market. Major Lawrence Johnston saw the other rose and thought it the better of the two. He bought the only plant for Hidcote and called it 'Hidcote Yellow', the name it continued to bear until, in 1948, Graham Thomas asked if he could exhibit it at the Royal Horticultural Society, where it won an Award of Merit, and Mr. Thomas persuaded Major Lawrence to agree to change its name to 'Lawrence Johnston'. The original plant is still at Hidcote...
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