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(1964)  Page(s) 156.  
'Americana'. Jackson & Perkins, 1961. Good high-centered form. Dark red. Up to 3 blooms on main stem. 5 inches. Slight fragrance. Height 20 in. Very good branching. Spreading growth. Free flowering. Colour does not "blue". Hardy and healthy.
(1964)  Page(s) 147.  
Floribunda roses for forcing: 'Dorus Rjikers'. Light salmon.
(1964)  Page(s) 217.  
'Frühlingsanfang', spinosissima hybrid, w, time of flowering very early, Up to 12 x 12 ft. Long, arching branches, laden with bloom. Maroon heps. Dark green, disease-resistant foliage which colors well in autumn.
(1964)  Page(s) 217.  
Frühlingsduft, spinosissima hybrid. full, H. T. type blooms, white with pink tints. Blooms early to mid-season. Up to 13 x 13 ft. Long, arching branches. Free flowering.
(1964)  Page(s) 217.  
Frühlingsgold, spinosissima hybrid, creamy yellow, blooms very early, Long, arching branches. Free flowering. Light green, wrinkled foliage.
(1964)  Page(s) 218.  
Frühlingsmorgen, spinosissima hybrid, cherry-pink, yellow at the base, maroon stamens. Blooms very early. Upright grower to 9 x 6 ft. Free flowering. Maroon heps. Makes an effective hedge. Some recurrence of bloom
(1964)  Page(s) 218.  
Frühlingsschnee, spinosissima hybrid, blooms lare, full, well-formed, w. Grows up to 5 ft. Free flowering.
(1964)  Page(s) 218.  
Frühlingszauber, spinosissima hybrid, rich cerise with yellow center, Upright grower to 9 ft. Free flowering.
(1964)  Page(s) 209.  
Gay Vista. Riethmuller, 1957. single. Light rose-pink with white “eye”. Up to 50 blooms in a cluster. 1½” width. Slight fragrance. Early flowering. Winter hardiness –15C. (5F). Up to 4 ft hedges, bedding. Free flowering.
(1964)  Page(s) 116.  
Hybrid teas appear susceptible [to rust] notably ‘Rubaiyat’ and….
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