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Der Rosenfreund 1873 ed.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
A. Bouquet (Liabaud), 1873, broad and large, double, blooms in clusters, white, striped vermillion-red; extra.
(1873)  Page(s) 227.  
Bengal. Abbé Mioland, large, double, purple-red, globular. Perfectly suitable for containers.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Adam, very large and full, vivid salmon-pink, globular, excellent fragrance; vigorous. Equally suitable for containers as well as for gardens.
(1873)  Page(s) 205-206.  
Rosa sempervirens.
Adelaïde d'Orléans , (Léopoldine, d'Orléans) medium size, full, globular, pale pink, in large clusters; vigorous growth, grows also on a wall in the shade. She is good for covering bare places or stony areas and beautiful as a weeping rose.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Adrienne Christophle, Large, full, copper-apricot-yellow, shaded pink, occasionaly deep yellow; vigorous.
(1873)  Page(s) 161.  
Hybrid perpetuals. Alfred Colomb, large, full and fine form, very bright, fire-red, resembles the magnificent rose Charles Lefebvre; a magnificent rose of great effect.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Amabilis, Large, full, flesh-colour. Very faithful bloomer and not very susceptible, therefore suitable for the garden.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Amazone (Ducher), 1873, Medium-size, double, well built, deep yellow, changing to whitish yellow.
(1873)  Page(s) 215.  
Noisette...America, large, full and fine form, salmon-yellow, darker when expanding, later passing to vivid flesh-salmon-red; vigorous. A hybrid tea and therefore somewhat of susceptible nature.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Anna Ollivier (Ducher), 1873, Blooms broad, well built, flesh-pink, reverse shaded pink; very floriferous.
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