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Law Somner & Co Nursery, Richmond, Victoria, - catalogue
(1928)  Page(s) 130.  
General Collection of Dwarf or Bush Roses.
Agnes Barclay, H.T. - A beautiful rose of rich colouring. Yellow and reddish salmon tints giving a pleasing effect to a fine bush that is large enough to form a low hedge of about three feet in height.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
Albatross . (HT). Flowers extra large; colour ivory white, faintly tinted with blush pink; of handsome conical form in the way of 'Frau Karl Druschki' and 'White Lady' but full and more durable blossom than either. The flowers are produced upon strong, erect stems. This will prove a valuable rose for the exhibitor; growth moderate.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
‘Arethusa’. (China). Growth and habit of ‘Queen Mab’; flowers yellow, tinted with apricot, distinct and good.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
Austral Queen. (Climber). (HT). A cross between President and Mrs. John Laing. Colour similar to last-named parent. Very vigorous and sweetly scented.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
'Australie' (Climber) (HT) A cross between Belle Siebrecht and C. Testout. Colour deep pink; good show and garden rose; growth vigorous; very sweetly scented.
(1928)  Page(s) 133.  
Australian Beauty. H.T. Richest crimson.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
Belle de Bordeaux T. Cl. Pink, large and full.
(1886)  Page(s) 86.  
Belle de Bordeaux: pink; large and full.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
Climbing Cecile Brunner (P) A splendid climbing sport from this favourite Polyantha. We have several with shoots from 4ft to 6ft in length, with laterals bearing beautiful clusters of fairy-like buds the whole length of the main stem.
(1886)  Page(s) 87.  
Tea Scented Roses. Comte de Paris. Flesh colored; large and full, superb.
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