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From their Leander Group. Approximately 90 petals. Repeat flowering. This is a strong-growing, healthy shrub with large, glossy leaves that may well benefit from summer pruning. The flowers are cup-shaped in the early stages, opening to form attractive rosettes; their color being a soft peachy pink. It is in every way an excellent, hardy and reliable shrub of above average size, with few thorns. Delicious fruity fragrance in the tea rose tradition.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AusledA Shropshire Lad
Large, perfectly formed, slightly cupped, light peach-pink rosettes, with a lovely fruity Tea fragrance.  A vigorous climber with plentiful large, dark green leaves.  David ᅠAustin, 1996. [...]
The name is taken from A.E. Houseman’s cycle of poems about his home county, where our rose gardens and nursery are situated.  The poems, published in 1896, celebrate the pleasures of a rural life.  David CH Austin, born in Shropshire, is himself a Shropshire lad.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AuscotAbraham Darby
In early summer, 'Abraham Darby' bears large, deeply cupped blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow and, in spite of their size, they continue to be produced for the remainder of the season.  They have a rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness. [...]
Named after one of the founding figures of the Industrial Revolution, which began in Shropshire, not far from our nursery.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AusjiveAlan Titchmarsh
A beautiful variety with deep pink, many petalled, gracefully nodding blooms, held on arching stems.  There is a delicious, soft and warm Old Rose fragrance with a hint of citrus.  It forms an attractive, rounded shrub.  The leaves are red at the bud stage, soon turning glossy green.  David Austin, 2005. [...]
Named after the well-loved English horticulturist, Alan Titchmarsh MBE, writer and broadcaster, who has been a great inspiration to gardeners for many years.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AusecretAnne Boleyn
Large sprays of cupped, rosette blooms, with symmetrically arranged petals.  They are a soft shade of warm mid pink and have just a hint of a button eye.  Its low, spreading growth builds up to form a neatly mounded shrub with soft green, highly polished foliage.  Named for the second of Henry VIII's six wives.  David Austin, 1999. [...]
Named for the second of Henry VIII’s six wives, who was mother to Queen Elizabeth I.
(2010)  Includes photo(s).
A large, airy shrub with dainty, grey-green foliage. The flowers, which are held on thin, wiry stems, are a soft rose pink and are semi-double in form. They open to provide us with an almost camellia-like bloom which is most pleasing. Early in the season the fragrance is myrrh with a touch of tea at the bud stage, becoming a spicy musk when open. Later in the season the musky scent of the stamens is more in evidence, with elements of orange peel and almonds. An ideal garden shrub that will mingle naturally with other plants in the mixed border. It has excellent resistance to disease.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AustopBarbara Austin
Bears delicate blush pink, rosette-shaped blooms of true Old Rose character.  They have a strong fragrance - an interesting combination of Old Rose and lilac.  It forms a shrubby, twiggy plant that is upright at first but gradually arches over.  Named after David Austin Senior's sister.  David Austin, 1997. [...]
Named after David Austin’s sister, Barbara Stockitt, who has a beautiful garden and specialises in growing topiary.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(Ausencart)  Benjamin Britten
Glowing deep red-pink, rosette shaped blooms.  Lovely intensely fruity fragrance, with hints of wine and pear drops.  Bushy growth.  David Austin, 2001. [...]
Named to commemorate the life of the popular English composer, conductor and performer.  His compositions include large-scale symphonic scores, songs and choral works.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
(AuschoolBlythe Spirit
A very pretty rose, of rather different character to the average English Rose, producing dainty sprays of small, cupped, yellow flowers.  It forms a very healthy and attractive shrub, clothed in small, medium green leaves.  David Austin, 1999. Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin. Growth Type Shrub Rose. Sub Type English Musk Hybrid. Colour Yellow . Fragrance Strength Light. Flowering Repeat Flowering. Disease Resistance Excellent. Height 1m. Width 0,75m. Breeder David Austin. Year of Introduction 1999.  Appellation Auschool

Named after the Noël Coward play.
(2018)  Includes photo(s).
Red buds open to beautifully formed, upward-facing, coral-pink rosettes.  Numerous small petals, of varying shades, mingle to provide a most pleasing effect.  The strong myrrh fragrance has a hawthorn character with delicious hints of elderflower, pear and almond.  A vigorous variety; it quickly forms an upright shrub of medium size, with dark green, glossy foliage.  David Austin, 2012. [...]
Boscobel House, owned by English Heritage, was built in 1632.  It is famous for the fact that Charles II hid there in an oak tree, whilst being pursued by Cromwell’s soldiers during the English Civil War.
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