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Roses in Colour and Cultivation (2nd Ed. 1947)
(1947)  Page(s) 92.  
ADOLF GRILLE (Hybrid polyantha) produces its clustered heads of large double semi-globular bright-carmine flowers on compact but strong bushes, with dark green plentiful foliage.
Kordes 1939. Deciduous. Vigorous. Slightly fragrant. ..June-September. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 93.  
ADRIAN REVERCHON (Lambertiana) is a climbing or pillar rosewith single rose-pink flowers borne in profusion.
Lambert 1909. Deciduous. Vigorous. Moderately fragrant. ...July. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 93.  
AENNCHEN MULLER (polyantha pompon) is a very continuous-flowering dwarf rose-pink polyantha rose of great attractiveness.
Schmidt 1907. Deciduous. Medium growth. Without scent. ..June-Oct. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 163.  
Hugonis Albert Maumené (hybrid of species) bears little resemblance to its parent. The flowers are large, semi-double and salmon-pink shaded with copper and orange, and are borne in long succession on vigorous upright bushes with green foliage. Sauvageot 1934....Tall growth. Fragrant....June-September. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 95.  
Amadis (Boursault) produces upon thornless stems clusters of semi-double purplish-red flowers early in the season. Laffay 1829...Vigorous growth. Without Scent. Thin after flowering...June. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 96.  
AMULETT (H.T.) is a shapely, fiery red, long budded rose, with shiny green foliage and vigorous growth.
Tantau 1930. Deciduous. Vigorous. Moderately fragrant. ...June-Sept. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 96.  
ANEMONOIDES (resembling the anemone) is a hybrid between R. laevigata and R. indica and is a climbing rose with pale-pink single flowers.
Schmidt 1896. Deciduous. Exceptionally tall growth. Fragrant. Remove only the dead wood. Wall rose. June.
(1947)  Page(s) 176.  
X Laevigata sinica Anemone is a semi-climbing rose with clusters of very large silvery-pink flowers flushed with rose-pink, and glossy green leaves, which requires a similar warm sheltered position. F. schmidt 1895...Climbing. Very fragrant...June-July.
(1947)  Page(s) 96.  
Angèle Pernet (Pernetiana) has large loose flowers of pale orange-red shaded with chrome-yellow, is of good habit and is free-flowering. The foliage is a shiny, attractive bronze-green and is damp-resistant; the flower a fine autumn rose. Pernet-Ducher 1924...Moderate growth. Moderately fragrant...June-Sept. Hardy.
(1947)  Page(s) 97.  
Angelita Ruaix (H.T.) has large high-centred, double, deep orange-yellow flowers of atractive shape, borne upon vigorous branching plants with varnished deep green foliage. Dot 1940...Slightly fragrant...June-September.
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