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The Rose Garden (First Ed. 1848)
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p.73.  
The Hybrid Chinese Rose...À fleurs blanches; flowers white, of medium size, full.
(1848)  Page(s) 73, part 2.  
The Hybrid Chinese Rose.
10.  À odeur d'Anisette; flowers rose, of medium size, double.  Raised at Angers.  Introduced in 1842.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 73.  
The Hybrid Chinese Rose...À odeur de Pate d'Amande; flowers light rosy carmine, of medium size, double; form, cupped; very showy. Habit, branching; growth, moderate. A peculiarly scented annd very distinct variety.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 77.  
Hybrid Chinese. Fimbriata (À petals frangées); flowers vivid red, the petals serrated at their circumference, presenting a novel and beautiful effect, of medium size, very double; form, expanded. Habit, branching; growth, moderate. Raised by M. Jacques, gardener at the Chateau de Neuilly. Introduced in 1831.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 73.  
The Hybrid Chinese Rose...À petals frangées; see Fimbriata
(1848)  Page(s) 41.  
ROSA GALLICA. The French Rose.
4. Abaillard; flowers rose, marbled, of medium size, full. Raised at Angers. Introduced in 1845.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 133.  
ABBÉ BISARDON ; flowers rose, large and semi-double.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 41.  
The French Rose...Abbé Robert (Amy Robert); flowers purplish crimson, very large and full.
(1848)  Page(s) Div. II, p. 133.  
The Tea-scented Rose:
ABRICOTÉ (Fanny Dupuis) ; flowers apricot colour, their margin, large and double ; form, cupped. Growth, vigorous. A beautiful rose.
(1848)  Page(s) 17.  
The Scotch Rose.
1. Acasto; flowers blush purple.
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