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Müller, Dr. Franz Hermann
'Müller, Dr. Franz Hermann'  photo
Photo courtesy of scvirginia
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 28 Jan 2020.
Weingarten, Rhineland-Palatinate 54340
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[From] Dr. Hermann Müller (1828-1914)
According to Krüssmann, Dr. Hermann Müller was born in Zweibrucken and practiced in Weingarten in the Pfalz (near Schwegenheim, belonged to Bavaria in the era, now part of Rheinland-Pfalz). He retired from medicine around 1885, around the time he started hybridizing. His first great rose, 'Conrad Ferdinand Meyer,' was introduced by Jules Gravereaux and by Otto Froebel. (at p. 159)

Dr. Müller's collection and seedlings were bought by Jules Gravereaux in 1901/02 and introduced partly under the latter's name.

[From Rosenzeitung, 1928, p. 107:] ...His crosses with the hardy Rosa rugosa resulted in the most beautiful successes. It is however typical that no one was ready to commercialize Dr. Müller's products; as a result, they went abroad to be introduced under foreign names...

[From Modern Roses II, p. 11:] Dr. Fr. Muller

[From Rosa Helvetica, 2000, p. 19:] ..Dr. Hermann Müller was the country doctor and amateur rose breeder in Weingarten. For him, an important breeding goal was hardiness, so that he bred with Rosa rugosa. Also 'Persian Yellow' and foetida 'Bicolor' were ideal for his crosses, as he wanted bright colours in addition to hardiness.
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