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Brodie, Damian
'Brodie, Damian'  photo
Photo courtesy of Damian Brodie
  Listing last updated on 21 Oct 2021.
Goulburn, New South Wales
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Although roses have always been in my life, the rose bug hit me in a huge way in 2001 and I began to collect and grow whatever roses caught my eye. I have grown many hundreds of varieties since then but now limit myself to the best 100 or so that do well in my area without having to resort to chemical sprays.

After growing some OP seedlings of 'Papageno' in 2008, my first crosses were carried out in 2009. I have continued to do crosses every year since (usually around 150-200) but have decided to go all out - as I approach turning 40 - and attempt to turn my love for the rose into something more!

I am interested in many types of roses but my biggest aim is to produce roses with greater health. Any breeder who isn't aiming for this first & foremost is doing the rose a massive disservice imo. It is my belief that anyone can produce and distribute any number of "good" roses but I'll be happy to leave behind just a handful of "great" ones!

As of last year my wife, Carol Brodie, also breeds roses and nothing makes me prouder than watching her find her way (with guidance from me when asked for of course) and seeing the results of her efforts. Together, we hope to create new roses for many years to come!
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