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Laffay, Jean
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Initial post 4 JUN 11 by Patricia Routley
I’ve been looking at ‘Henry Martin’ and its breeder, Jean Laffay.
In the breeder’s page there seems to be a couple of incorrect dates. i.e.:
Jean Laffay... Born at Paris August 17, 1794... died on July 14, 1852 (April 15th?)...

Brent Dickerson, in the 1st edition of <I>The Old Rose Advisor</I> tells us that
[p31, para 2] Jean Laffay [Snr.] died on July 14, 1852 aged about 90. That makes him born about 1762.
[p31, para 2] Jean Laffay [Jnr] was born August 17, 1794 and died [p32, para 1] April 15, 1878. – aged 84

As the first rose listed for Laffay is ‘Duc de Cambridge’ in 1800 (when the young fella was six), (note <I>The Master List</I> 2nd ed. says –1841) it seems as though both papa and the young Jean might have bred roses. But then, if the true date is -1841, perhaps papa had a different vocation.

ps - Admin - why does <I> sometimes change things into italics, and sometimes not?
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