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Svejda, Dr. Felicitas
'Svejda, Dr. Felicitas'  photo
Photo courtesy of p. van cauteren
Rose author, breeder and discoverer   Listing last updated on 10 Aug 2022.
Ottawa, Ontario
Dr. Felicitas Svejda (b. 1920 Vienna, Austria), emigrated 1953 to Canada. She worked at the Ottawa Experimental Farm until her retirement in 1987.
[From Peter Schneider on Roses, by Peter Schneider, p. 149:] Working for Agriculture Canada's research department, Dr. Felicitas Svejda used rugosas extensively in the breeding of her series of super-hardy roses named after Canadian explorers...

Dr Felicitas Svejda died aged 95 on January 18 2016.

An archive of information about Dr. Svejda and her plant breeding work (which included many kinds of plants in addition to roses) is on the web site of the Montreal Botanic Garden:

This archive includes lists of crosses she made, her evaluations of the resulting plants, and other information that a plant breeder will find interesting.

Margrit Schowalter explains Dr. Svejda's coding system as follows:

E12 seedling code = 78L15U04009
E10 seedling code = 78L15U04002

78 = year of cross
L15 = pistillate parent (mother)
U04 = pollen parent
009 = 9th seedling
002 = 2nd seedling

E12 and E10 are siblings from the same cross.

E12 used as a parent is shown as (L15 x Champlain) or (L15 x U04)
E10 used as a parent is shown as (L15 x Champlain) or (L15 x U04)

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