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Lévêque fils, Louis
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Initial post 16 MAY 20 by Darrell
For the record, there were two Louis Leveques in the horticultural world whose lives overlapped. One was Pierre Louis Francois Leveque de Vilmorin—not to be confused with Louis Leveque (whose first name was also Pierre). The fact that both went by their second name and both have Leveque in their surname has at times caused some confusion, but Louis Leveque de Vilmorin, son of Philippe-Victor de Vilmorin, lived from 1816 to 1860 while Louis Leveque, rose breeder and son of Urbain “Rene” Leveque, lived from 1839 to 1925. The Louis Leveque who died in 1860 was not the rose breeder. Mme Elisa de Vilmorin was the botanist; she was married to Louis Leveque who was the horticulturist and botanist, not the rose breeder.

Either I am not understanding Unregistered Guest, or he/she has confused the two men.
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Initial post 20 JAN 10 by Unregistered Guest
Louis Leveque of Leveque et fils died in 1860. He left the business to his sons Henry and Maurice (Henry was 17 and Maurice was eleven at the time). Mme Louis Leveque, a respected botantist, then managed the business firm for six years, from 1860-1866. Thus it is not quite correct to state that the rose 'Duc de Rohan' was bred or released by Louis Leveque; more correct would be to use the name of the firm, Leveque et fils.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 20 JAN 10 by HMF Admin
Thanks for your correction and insight.
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