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Riethmuller (1884-1965), Frank L.
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Initial post 25 JAN 11 by Eric Timewell
There seems to be no good reason to call this breeder Riethmuller, Frank L.
He was christened Francis Lewis Riethmuller.
He was universally known as Frank Riethmuller from childhood. Even in old age he objected to people calling him Mr Riethmuller. "Please call me Frank."
His formal signature was F.L. Riethmuller. His informal signature was Frank Riethmuller. Writing formally in German he signed Francis Lewis Riethmüller.
The form of Christian name plus initial plus surname is an American one rarely used by Australians, especially in Riethmuller's day. Is there any known instance of Riethmuller using it? I doubt it. Even if he did use the American form, it would make him Francis L. Riethmuller, not Frank L. Riethmuller.
Surely, when alphabetical sorting is required, he is best called Riethmuller, Frank.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 26 JAN 11 by Patricia Routley
Thanks again Eric. I've added the handle he was born with, to the Notes on his page.
On Helpmefind, at this point in time, an alphabetical listing for all the Riethmullers, brings up just one - our favourite.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 26 JAN 11 by Eric Timewell
Patricia, it's my fault for being sloppy. He died in Hornsby AND District Hospital.
Once more, thank you for everything.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 26 JAN 11 by Patricia Routley
Fixed. You are not sloppy
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Initial post 24 JAN 11 by Eric Timewell
Frank Riethmuller worked 1918–1945 in Sydney as a bookmaker's penciller. Overlapping that time, he moved to the Sydney suburb of Turramurra in 1931, and from 1937 till his death in 1965 he lived at 21 Eastern Road, Turramurra where he bred roses in the back garden. At least six roses bred by Frank Riethmuller were named after racehorses. Another five were probably so named. Many of Riethmuller's hybrid teas were bred during the Second World War but not registered till many years later, if ever. And all his Lambertianas were named and probably bred well after the war, probably between 1945 and 1955. Registration itself for Lambertianas came as late as 1962.

References for Riethmuller's biography are given in the Wikipedia article “Frank Riethmuller.”
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