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Villoresi (Villaresi), Giovanni Antonio Luigi

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Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 24 May 2014.
Monza, Lombardia
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Giovanni Antonio "Luigi" Villoresi (November 16, 1779 - 1823), Director of the Royal gardens at Monza, son of
Antonio Villoresi, gardener at Villa Cusani (later called: Villa Traversi) in Florence

[From "Amor di pianta. Giardinieri, floricoltori, vivaisti sul Verbano tra 1750 e 1950" by C.A. Pisoni, L. Parachini, S. Monferrini, D. Invernizzi. Ed. Compagnia de' Bindoni, 2005, courtesy of Cà Berta:] Giovanni Antonio Luigi Villoresi (November 16, 1779 - 1823)
[From The Old Rose Advisor, by Brent Dickerson, p. 35:] Signor Villaresi, superintendent of the Archducal gardens at Monza, in the Milanese... created more than twenty varieties of the Bengal or China rose...

[From The Rose Garden, by William Paul, 1848, p. 21: This quote from Loudon in the Encyclopedia of Gardening, 1822] L. Villaresii, Royal Gardener at Monza, has raised upwards of fifty varieties of Rosa indica, not one of which has as far as we know reached this country. Some of them are quite black / others shaped like a Ranunculus; and many of them are highly odiferous."

[From Almanacco Imperiale Reale della Lombardia, 1843, p. 437] ...Surveillance personnel.... in the state palace La Villa....Gio. Villoresi, gardener

[From The Rose Fancier's Manual, by Catherine Francis Gore, 1838, p. x] ...In the imperial gardens at Monza, near Milan, thirty-nine varieties of China rose have been obtained by the (late) celebrated Villaresi...

[From The Gardener's Magazine, September 1836, p. 445ff] Botanical and Horticultural Tour in Lombardy. By Signor Giuseppe Manetti.
....Desio is a large village, about four leagues north of Milan, and about one and a half north-west from Monza. ..... There are several villas in Desio; but the most beautiful is that called La Casino [corrected to La Cusani], which is now the property of Signor Traversi.... The garden was laid out by Antonio Villaresi [corrected to Villorese], a gardener at Florence, and the father of the late Villaresi, the enlightened director of these royal gardens; and it was here that Luigi Villaresi was born, and imbibed from his father his taste for landscape-gardening.....

[From "List of the Horticultural Society of London", 1823, p. 69:] Villoresi, Signor Luigi, Director General of the Royal Garden and Park, at Monza near Milan.

[From "Elementi di elettrometria animale" by Carlo Amoretti, Milan 1816, p. 142] Villoresi (sig. Ferdinando) direttore dell' I.R. vivajo di piante presso Monza [Director of the Royal Plant garden near Monza]

[From "La cultura architettonica nell'età della Restaurazione", p. 116:] As management of the park and garden of Monza we find: Luigi Villoresi (Giardiniere dei reali Giardini presso Monza e Superintendente alle Opere del Reale Parco e Giardiniere Direttore from 1815), Giovanni Battista Rossi (Giardiniere al reale Parco, then successor of Villoresi as Director of the Gardens in 1837), Felice Vay (Sottogiardiniere a Monza in 1837). For the Villa Reale in Milano are indicated: Giovanni Battista Spada (gardener in 1834), Giovanni Villoresi (gardener in 1847), Achille Villoresi (gardener in 1844).

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