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Nabonnand (1860-1937), Paul
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Initial post 27 OCT 20 by Ambroise Paré
Some varieties are listed as bred by the 2 brothers. It is rather confusing . Is That due , because We are not certain who is the actual breeder ?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 27 OCT 20 by jedmar
The reason is that the brothers Paul and Clément Nabonnand took over the nursery jointly from their father Gilbert and worked together until 1908. In this period, the roses were issued as Paul & Clément Nabonnand.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 27 OCT 20 by Ambroise Paré
Hi . Thanks for the reply and sorry for my abrupt way of expressing myself.
Aren’t they documents which states which one the 2 did actually breed them, so to make things more clear .
Regards Giulio
Reply #3 of 3 posted 27 OCT 20 by jedmar
No, we haven't seen any yet. However, if you look at the brothers' individual breeding efforts after they separated in 1908, you can see that Paul has been more prolific (9 introductions before WWI, 17 after), while Clément had only 9 in total after 1908. Howeverm, there could have neen several reasons for this: Paul stayed on the premises of their father Gilbert's nursery, while Clément re-established himself in Cannes. The latter would have concentrated initially on selling rather than breeding to get his enterprise going. In any case, both were not comparable with the output of their father!
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