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Orent, Cliff

Article (HMF Ezine) published Aug 2007.

Unfortunately, Cliff's article this month is a result of direct experience.  Southern Californians will surely relate.  Cliff walks us through "varmint" proofing his garden.  He's not one to take this stuff lying down.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Nov 2007.

Cliff's shares his experience with some unwanted guests and provides some tips to deal with them.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Sep 2007.

Cliff documents the results of his attempt to rescue his roses from the sweltering desert sun.  You'll be amazed - as was Cliff!

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2010.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2005.

Cliff, a longtime HelpMeFind supporter and friend, documents the process of importing roses into the United States. The article explains all the steps and he shares lessons he learned the hard way. This is a must read if you're planning to import roses and besides, aren't you dying to know how the seven dwarfs play into this.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Apr 2010.

Learn about the very beginning of EuroDesert Roses from Cliff himself.  You are sure to come away with an appreciation of what it takes to start and maintain a world class rose collection.

We are proud to have EuroDesert Roses as a sponsor. Patronizing our sponsors helps support HelpMeFind and ensure its future.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Dec 2020.

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Article (HMF Ezine) published Oct 2010.

In the nursery business "you reap what you sow" is not always the case.  Cliff's article about sports may surprise you.

And to go along with this article, you will find we have added a new "SPORTS" option on the plant Lineage tab. 

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Article (HMF Ezine) published 1 Oct 2009.

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