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Bishop's Lodge Heritage Rose Garden
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Initial post 28 JUN 18 by HubertG
Bishop's Lodge Mary Matthews seems to be missing from this list. Also Aimee/Amelia Anderson as well.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 28 JUN 18 by Patricia Routley
"Mary Matthews" now back on the list of plants discovered by The Bishop's Lodge volunteers. At one time it was thought that it may be the same as "Kew Cemetery Pink", but others have since advised that it is different.

"Bishop's Lodge Amelia Anderson" was not on their list as it has been identified as 'William R, Smith' and is listed as a synonym of that rose.
I have added the discoverer (Bishop's Lodge) back in, but am not altogether happy with the listing for the rose as it is not shown which of the synonyms was discovered by Bishop's Lodge - although it is quite obvious.

I have found that it is quite useless in trying to help identify these particular old roses as, unidentified, they have some mystique and are more of a money spinner to help raise upkeep funds for the Lodge.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 JUN 18 by HubertG
True, I grow 'Muriel Linton' and still call it that rather than Hadley.
The Bishop's Lodge roses are good examples, in my opinion, of how found roses can be named to give them a better commercial prospect.
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