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Dubreuil, Francis
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Initial post 1 JUN 15 by true-blue
Les Amies des Roses – septembre 1916
Page 118-20

Obituary Francis Dubreuil

We have already announced in our last issue that sad news of the passing of M. Francis Dubreuil, rosarian at Lyon, member of the administrative committee of the French Rosarian association. We didn’t have enough time for our July- August edition as it was already under print at the moment, to print as is custom to publish the photograph of the deceased and his roses.
Francis Dubreuil died on September 1st 1916, at the age of 73. He was not a professional rosarian in the 1st part of his laborious life. It was only at the 2nd part of his life that he focused on the cultivation of the Queen of the flowers, which he did wholeheartedly and soon acquired the reputation of an eminent specialist with prolific work.
Les Amis des Roses, owe him numerous and beautiful varieties. Below is the complete list of his roses:

The list of the creations of M Francis Dubreuil is as we can see long and rich, enough that that the appreciation of rosomans will assure the perpetuity of his memory among them.
He was a helpful man ,of great common sense, and played a big role in the prosperity of horticultural societies.
He was the founder of the French Society of rose growers. He was an officier du Mérite agricole. (Order of Agricultural Merit)
Reply #1 of 3 posted 2 JUN 15 by Patricia Routley
Thanks true-blue.
It would be good if someone - anyone - could volunteer to open up HelpMeFind's listing of Dubreuil's roses, and then with two screens, check that we have all his roses listed.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 2 JUN 15 by true-blue
I can check it manually, if you give me a couple of days.
There are 58 roses on the list, including several introduced/discovered by Dubreuil.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 3 JUN 15 by true-blue
Patricia I checked the list in the above document with HMF's.
Your list is more complete.
I didn't check the dates nor all the spellings.
But those that popped out, I posted directly on their HMF page.
It would be best if someone with more access can double check spellings, dates etc.
I can do it but not any time soon, as I want to finish extracting all the info on the Francis Dubreuil rose.

The worst offender was a double posting of the same rose: Souvenir de M. Mulnard/Souvenir de Madame E. Mulnard.
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