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Kathy Strong
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Initial post 15 SEP by Kathy Strong
Rose Listing Omission

The Divine Miss M

NEW! The Divine Miss M™ is the name sake rose of the beloved and celebrated Bette Midler. This creamy white hybrid tea, bursting in beauty and elegance, was personally selected by Bette Midler herself. The large and full ruffled blooms, borne mostly solitary, exude a delicate and sweet rose scent. The Divine Miss M™ repeat blooms throughout the season and you can expect this rose to reach 3′ – 4′ in its maturity. All roses have been grown and tended in our family-owned rose nursery.

Hybrid Tea

Near White or White Blend, White

Other Names

Fragrance Description
Shrub Form

Bloom Size

Petal Count

USDA 5b – 9d


Year Bred

Repeat Bloomer

Rose Height
3' – 4'
Reply #1 of 3 posted 16 SEP by jedmar
Thank you, added!
Reply #2 of 3 posted 17 SEP by Patricia Routley
Jedmar, it was already listed as ‘Divine Miss M’, page number 83561. A merge needed?
Reply #3 of 3 posted 18 SEP by jedmar
Indeed! Thank you for the heads up!
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Initial post 5 MAR 18 by Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden
Ahem. This nursery is back to the practice of introducing "new" roses that are actually old roses under newly invented (by them) marketing names. I called them out on this when they introduced "Moonlight in Paris" that is actually Garden and Home, a previously introduced variety in the US (by Ludwigs), and for which "Garden and Home" is also the official exhibition name for that rose. A few weeks ago, they showed the codename (DELanac) of "Moonlight in Paris" on their website, so one could see when this supposedly "new" rose was actually a re-introduction of the older rose under a new name, which in that case, it was. Their response to being called out on using new marketing names was to remove the codenames from their website listings for their so-called "new" roses. So they have now just taken to hiding the fact that their "new" roses are actually re-introductions of older roses under newly invented names. Beware!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 5 MAR 18 by HEIRLOOM ROSES
Dear Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden,

Thank your for your post, however, we do not take the liberty to rename roses for marketing or any other purposes.

The rose you referred to had it's name changed directly by the breeder. We have never grown Garden and Home, so this rose, Moonlight in Paris was new to us and introduced as such to our customers.

If you would like to discuss our new introduction process, please give us a call and our Sales and Marketing Manager will be happy to speak with you. You can reach us at 800-820-0465.

Thank you.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 11 MAR 18 by Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden
That's different than what I had heard, and if I am wrong, I am sorry. But, for the record, what I understood was that you had obtained these roses from Ludwig's stock after Anja closed the Arizona company, and there this rose was known as "Garden and Home," and a few of my rose society pals that bought it from them grow it under that name, which is also how the ARS has it registered. I also looked at the current Ludwigs catalog for their South African company, and it is also sold there as "Garden and Home."

See, this quote from Ludwig's current catalog blurb on this rose:
Garden and Home DELanac(N)
One of few roses with informal growth habit & flower
shape of the old roses while possessing flower power
& vigour; clusters on upright growing stems - pickable.
Round buds open slowly to classical cup shape of old
roses; many petals & stamens; fruity, spicy fragrance;
deep green, slightly frilly leaves. Plant alone, in groups,
rows or mix with others.
From Ludwigs 2017/2018 catalog: see,

So, with all that, now I am really curious who took it upon themselves to rename this rose "Moonlight in Paris." Can you shed any light on that?
Reply #3 of 3 posted 23 AUG by Ben H
'Moonlight in Paris' and 'Garden and Home' are both valid names for DELanac, according to Combined Rose List 2019. 'Moonlight in Paris' is a Trademark of Delbard, meaning Heirloom Roses did not unilaterally rename it. I would think that recent re-namings of all kinds would take time to show up in paper and ink sources such as Dobson and Schnieder's Combined Rose List.
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Initial post 4 AUG by Kathy Strong
Rose Listing Omission


There are several aristides on the site, but not the one that is currently in commerce through K&M roses, which took over the collection of For Love of Roses, and is currently selling them. I received this Aristides --- a miniature by breeder Dave Clemons --from K&M this year:

(op Clemons 2018)

An extremely nice new addition from the Thoroughbred Roses of David Clemons. It should win its fair share of Queens once distribution puts this rose in the hands of exhibitors. The rose has very good form, size and high centers and it glows in the garden when washed with full sun. Disease resistance is very good with a regular spray program.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 4 AUG by Margaret Furness
"Disease resistance is very good with a regular spray program."
No comment.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 5 AUG by jedmar
Thank you, added!
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Initial post 3 AUG by eihblin
According to the description, this rose can vary enormously in size-from 75 cms tall to 245 cms. Can anyone comment on this, to help me get an idea of what size it is more likely to achieve at maturity? It's so hard to decide where in the garden to place a plant when you have no clear idea of what it will be like when mature. I had the same issue with the HMF description of Purple Eden (Ebb Tide), and the responses I recieved were SO helpful,explaining that, though it is possible that plant will become fairly large it's more likely to be a pretty modest grower,so I'm hoping that some of you can weigh in with your experiences. Thank you in advance!
Reply #1 of 5 posted 4 AUG by Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden
I grew this rose for years in Southern California and it never got bigger than about 3 feet. I think the larger size might be a mistake.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 4 AUG by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Canes were 8' long here in the low desert.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 4 AUG by Kathy Strong's Del Cerro Garden
Huh. How about that. Was hard to get it to grow here at all. Maybe I just got a bad plant from the getgo. Hope all is well with you!
Reply #5 of 5 posted 4 AUG by Robert Neil Rippetoe
All is well enough. I'm losing roses to heat. It happens every year here but seems to be accelerating.

Austins tend to go berserk here. Exceptions were 'Fair Bianca' and 'Tamora'. I have few Austins left and that's ok.

Enjoying your pics..!
Reply #2 of 5 posted 4 AUG by Lee H.
I don’t have the rose, but it’s one that DA U.S. used to sell. The rose tag description was “Arching shrub or climber…4’ x 4 ft. or 8 ft. as a climber” I’m not sure if that’s any help…
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