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Initial post 11 JUL 17 by pminor
Dear celeste
I am loving your photos and admire your devotion to old roses. I love love love your belmont pnk powdwepuff. I find no other source for this rose. Do you ever take cuttings? I would love to get a cutting or trade some. Postage would bec p aid by me of course.

Keep up the good work!!
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Initial post 13 MAR 16 by Amateur
Dear Celeste,

I hope all is well with you.

I am new to roses and HelpMeFind. I stayed up so late to see all your rose photos thank you so much what a delight. I have 'favorited' so many roses because of your postings.

My garden is in mid Michigan I think we share similar weather.

My question is how do you protect 'Guy de Maupassant' as he is listed as zone 7 and what amendments do you like to use?

Kind regards,

most recent 16 APR 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 16 APR 14 by Dani33
Hi, your 'Pretty Jessica' is beautiful! I was wondering how big she was. I am in zone 6 and was considering getting one to plant next to my front stairs.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 16 APR 14 by celestialrose
Mine is very petite and bushy, under 3 feet tall and wide. But this is zone 4. I believe PJ is one of the smaller Austins. Mine throws a tremendous number of blooms for such a small bush.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 16 APR 14 by Dani33
Awesome. I'm actually looking for a petite bush. I was torn between SJ & Alnwick. I thought the Alnwick may nod more and was leaning toward SJ. Thsnk you for responding :)
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Initial post 28 APR 07 by Anonymous-102978
I would like to share that this rose is quite hardy for a Hybrid Perpetual and comes through my zone 4b winters with little, if any, winter damage. As a bonus, the canes are nearly thornless, the flowers fragrant, and here it is very healthy. It is a very lovely rose. (see my photos i posted).
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 DEC 11 by BrianH
I'm glad to know about its hardiness. I've moved to PA from CA and look forward to having this excellent rose in my zone 5 garden. Also, it was the easiest rose to strike from cuttings I've ever seen... Always nearly 100% success with little effort from dormant cuttings. Also, first flush of bloom on 8 inches of growth after 2 months. A real doer.
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