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Amanda Balduzzi
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Initial post 5 JUN 08 by jedmar
It is possible that your photo of 'Seagull' is the only correct one here. Can you tell us more about your rose? How large are the blooms? Any fragrance, prickles?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 7 JUN 08 by Amanda Balduzzi
Thanks for you e-mail. I was waiting to receive one to talk about my ‘Seagull´.
Peter Beales said: ‘Seagull’ (rambler) is a very vigorous scrambler, large clusters of single pure white flowers with pronounced golden stamens. 1907. This is the description of my rose. No fragrance.
David Austin said: ‘Seagull’ and ‘Rambling Rector’ are identical and they are supplying both under the name ‘Rambling Rector’ (multiflora) strong, dense twiggy growth smothered with small creamy-white semi-double flowers. Delicious fragrance. The report of ‘Rambling Rector’ for Peter Beales is very similar to this.
I personally agree with Peter Beales, and I think that my rose is ´Seagull’
Rose greetings
Reply #3 of 3 posted 8 JUN 08 by jedmar
Thank you. I agree that your 'Seagull' corresponds best to the description. We would appreciate additional photos. Also maybe of the foliage, canes etc. What is the origin of your plant? Beales?
Reply #4 of 3 posted 14 NOV 08 by Cristina Macleod 'Rose Garden
I just upload five photos of 'Seagull' sold in Argentina under that name. What do you think about our rose?
Best regards
Cristina Macleod
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