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Initial post 29 MAY 14 by Jay-Jay
Dropdead gorgeous and an exact match of that rose on it's best!!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 29 MAY 14 by Suzanne
Thanks, Jay Jay!!
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Initial post 11 AUG 05 by Annie11
I have found this rose balls when it is humid. If you have trouble with this rose balling, you can get the blooms to open by pressing the outer petals down and out. The rest of the bloom can then expand.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 17 SEP 10 by Aurelija D.
Yup, balls in wet and cooler weather, seems to do well in hot weather though.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 5 FEB 11 by Suzanne
I have the same problem with my red's three years old, (in the middle of Kansas,) and puts on wonderful, fat buds, but they just sit there and turn brown. So, I help them along by squeezing the buds, and it helps, but not all that well. It is under a large old tree, about 10 feet from the trunk and gets at least 5 hours of afternoon sun, but I thought maybe if I moved it to an all sunny location???? Does anyone think this will help, or just more work than it is worth? Other than the balling, the plant itself is very healthy, very strong canes and no leaf problems. Spring is approaching and I want to make a decision soon. Should I leave it--or move it--or....? Thanks!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 5 FEB 11 by Aurelija D.
Generally roses do better with more sun, but I am not sure if that can solve the balling issue.At least here it all depends on weather patterns rather than position in the garden (my Red Eden is in full sun, still balls in rainy weather).
Reply #4 of 4 posted 7 FEB 11 by Suzanne
Thanks for your reply! I have a small mauve rose called Simply Marvelous that does the same thing in spring, but in the heat and dryness of summer, it thrives and the blooms are gorgeous. It has full sun all the time. I cut the Red Eden way back last fall just before the winter set in, so I guess I'll see what it does this year. Thanx!
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Initial post 17 JAN 08 by Suzanne
I've had a Red Eden rose planted in my back yard for almost 3 years....mid Kansas...and it buds out beautifully, but has such a hard time opening up!!! Mostly the buds just stay tightly closed, turn brown and wilt. A sad thing.....I'm not sure if I can keep it, unless someone knows just what I can do for it!!!! Help!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 27 APR 09 by Lizzie
Hi Suzanne,

FYI: I was just going to post a comment regarding this same issue with my Red Eden! It has been in ground for about 4 years now and I live in CA zone 9b so it should be warm and dry enough to open up but all the blooms stay unopened and sad! I have the blush/cream climbing Eden which is FANTASTIC and just a flower machine but Red Eden is a big "meh". Unfortunately, I have no answers for this problem but I think I am going to dig 'er up soon - too bad because Clifford's blooms look super.

Reply #2 of 3 posted 28 APR 09 by Simon Voorwinde
Where are they planted and how much sun do they get? My one was kept in a pot for about 3-4 months when I bought it and kept in full sun and the flowers would open beautifully (see my photos of it here) but when I planted it in the ground against the house it gets morning sun till a little after noon and the flowers now don't open properly and tend to ball and go mouldy. I will be digging it up this winter and moving it into full sun on a tripod to see if it improves.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 9 MAY 09 by Unregistered Guest
It is planted against a south facing fence with all the sunshine and drip H2O any rose could desire. I think I will cut bait and move on - hope your move makes a difference :-)
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Initial post 4 FEB 09 by Suzanne
I waited a long time to purchase this rose....mostly because of rooom....I found it in Edmond's catalog...and fell in love with it....checked it out on hmf....and bought it last spring. As of the first summer's progress, it grew fast, but a bit leggy, and it bloomed alot, I wasn't dissappointed in that......but it doesn't seem to have a very long bloom time on the plant. Opens fast, and then drops the petals quickly. Is there anything I could feed this plant, that would help it keep the blooms on longer, or will time and age make it better, or is it just it's nature???? The fragrance it wonderful, the coloring just like it shows in the catalogs and websites........just blows by too fast!

Salina, Ks
Reply #1 of 2 posted 4 FEB 09 by HMF Admin
If only everyone would contribute like this... thank you!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 21 APR 09 by Jeff Britt
You're right -- the flowers don't last particularly long. At least they clean off the bush nicely.
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