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Mariano R. Saviello
'Mariano Saviello'  photo
Photo courtesy of Mariano R. Saviello
Mariano R. Saviello
Buenos Aires, Argentina
My name is Mariano R. Saviello (35) and I am an active member of the Argentinian Rose Society (ARS) and the forth generation of a family dedicated to Rosiculture for almost a century, mainly focused on early Hybrid Tea roses.

I got a Master in Biotechnology after my degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology in the Quilmes National University (UNQ) and was part of the very prestigious Max Planck Institute from Rosario (Argentina), depending on the Gottingen University from Germany; but have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the last ten years.

The main interest of my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my mother, and my target now is the study of early Hybrid Teas and their history during the late XIX and early XX centuries in the Río de la Plata, where they arrived and were distributed among collectors and enthusiasts and still remains until now in ancient gardens. It is just amazing how some of these roses, which remain almost extinct in other parts of the world, still grow and bloom all year round in small gardens and secret collections all around Argentina, since, when the first nursery was established in our country in 1865.

I am not sure whether I can be considered an 'expert' on early Hybrid Teas or any kind of roses, while it is almost impossible to find in Argentina collections of living plants or rose gardens, like the ones found in other parts of the world. Argentina, as well as other countries in South America, seems to be somewhat behindhand in the development of study gardens or collections, and that is why much of our knowledge is obtained from old books and catalogues from the nurseries that received these old varieties from Europe or the United States during the last two centuries.

On the other hand, we do have a vast and interesting heritage of found specimens, sometimes extinct in other parts of the world, many of them still waiting to be identified. But the world of roses, as we all may know, is a world full of surprises and endless learning.
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