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Initial post 24 MAY 07 by HanfordRose
This is an incredibly vigorous plant which can easily reach 4 feet tall. It makes flawless, pale yellow blooms with perfect show form. That is why it has been winning trophies for almost 20 years.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 MAY 16 by timdufelmeier
How do Yantai and Luis Desamero differ, not sure which one I have. Think it is Yantai. It is very vigorous, full perfect blooms, miniflora like and almost more cream than pale yellow.
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Initial post 10 OCT 12 by Sue Curry (Formerly Sue O'Brien)
My pastor husband and I recently returned to live in my old hometown of Chula Vista, California. Now apartment dwellers, we have a small east facing patio. Of course, we are growing some of my favorite Dee Bennett minis. It wouldn't be home without a few special mini roses.
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Initial post 25 MAY 07 by HanfordRose
This rose was named for my friend Little Carol Sparks, who is only about 4 foot 7 inches tall. However, her namesake rose can make a plant that will grow to 4 or even 5 feet tall. I have even seen one that was almost 6 feet tall.

This is usually the first rose to bloom each year and the last to bloom each year. The flowers seem to come without end. The heavily petaled blooms are rich, deep pink with wonderful HT form. However, the blooms tend to be too large for the mini class.

I would have reclassified it as a mini flora, except that the classification was supposed to be for varieties that made a lower growing plant. Hence, the problem with the reclassing to mini flora.

Now that I only have a small amount of space at my new home for growing roses, my choices must be very special. I made a place for Little Carol at my new home, because it is a GREAT ROSE.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 FEB 12 by timdufelmeier
Do you know any where I can order this rose. I have been going crazy trying to find it
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Initial post 13 MAY 07 by HanfordRose
This has been one of my all time favorite roses. I have grown more than 2500 varieties of rose; and My Sunshine has been in my top 3, since the I began growing it as a test.

You can't beat this rose for vigor, color, abundance of bloom, gorgeous foliage, colorful hips; and it is absolutely disease free. This is a show stopping single in the mini class. I have a bloom of this rose in resin, which means that I can see this flower every day...even in the middle of winter.

If I could only grow one would be My Sunshine. If I could only grow 3 minis, it would be one of them.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 17 MAY 10 by timdufelmeier
I love this rose too. My plant is 41/2 feet in LA. What are the other 2 minis in your top 3?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 17 MAY 10 by Sue Curry
My #1 is Ultimate Pleasure; but Irresistible is not far behind. In recent years, I have come to love Yantai as a survivor and beautiful rose in my new high desert home.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 7 JUL 11 by timdufelmeier
Hi Sue,
Hope you and your roses are well and blooming.
Was able to purchase Yantai and Irresistable but have had no luck with Little Carol or Ultimate Pleasure.
Any leads where I might find them ?
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