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Initial post 26 APR 10 by LoveMyRoses
I got this rose 2 years ago - '08 - and last year it really took off.

The blooms are small in size -about an inch to an inch & a half in diameter and white. During the spring and early summer, the freshly opened blooms had a faintly pink, pearlescent tinge. The buds have just a touch of moss on them and the fragrance is very light.

This is a white that is more resistant to balling and the spotting that comes with much rain. As a bonus, the petals drop cleanly.

The new growth is pink tinged, turning to a light, fresh green. Blooms are borne in trusses of 5-10, with an occasional single flower. The canes are flexible - a boon when you're tying them down a bit for better blooming.

This spring (2010) when I went out to prune I got a very nice surprise. My Tyrelle had the LEAST amount of dieback out of all of my 8 roses! Maybe half a dozen canes had aprox. 1" of dead stem and that was all.

I can't wait to see how it does this year!
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Initial post 3 MAR 09 by LoveMyRoses
This is a fragrant rose with VERY good disease resistance. I have 2 plants & they are beautiful. Other than a brief problem with spider mites last spring I have had no problems with it.

Peach Delight is one of a very few roses that smell just as nice when they are fully open as when they were buds.

The foliage is glossy & dark green. New growth is burgundy tinged, turning to green.

One note; I planted these in the spring of '07 & that first year - they just sat there & didn't do anything. There was only 1 bloom that entire summer & I was away.

In 2008 they went gangbusters. At 1 point I had 19 buds &/or open blooms. Despite not having fertilized but once during the summer (and then only lightly) Peach Delight kept on going.

I highly recommend this rose! Fragrance & toughness are A-1.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 4 MAR 09 by HMF Admin
Great, thank you for sharing your experience.

You were very specific about certain attributes - if you have not already done so, it would be very useful if you could spare a bit more time to use the plant rating tab to rate this plant based on your experience. For instance, fragrance is one of the rating categories for plants.

Thanks again.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 26 APR 10 by LoveMyRoses
The above post (3 Mar. 09) was made by myself, as an unregistered guest. I live in Central Indiana, z. 5.

Last summer's weather was pretty awful for roses - very cool and damp. It was the first time that I saw blackspot on Peach Delight. Other than that, again, I had very few problems with my PD bushes.

Another note - I did not use any sort of commercial fertilizer last year, only several handfuls of rotted horse manure scratched into the soil around the plants. Peach Delight still went gangbusters with blooms and growth.

After this last winter (09-10) - a very odd one weatherwise - I can report that it is indeed very cold hardy. Even after numerous days with temperatures below 0 degrees F, very little snow or mulch protection for the plants and wind among other factors; there was very little dieback.

I'm looking to get more bushes of this rose this year.
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Initial post 7 JAN 06 by Unregistered Guest
I've grown Salute for 2 years. I love it! Rich deep red, prolific, and very disease-resistant for me. I live in hot, humid blackspot territory. Slightly fragrant as a cut flower, I smell nothing from it outdoors. This rose replaced my Black Jade mini; only a shade lighter in color but equally beautiful form and the blooms last much longer and don't burn in the sun like Black Jade.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 9 MAR 09 by LoveMyRoses
How is the form of the flowers? I'm considering getting a better red than I have now. Blackspot resistance is key!
Reply #2 of 4 posted 9 MAR 09 by Karen
I grew 3 plants of Salute in a part sun garden zone 5/6 in hot humid Lincoln, NE. They were covered with blackspot and did not do well in my garden. Other miniatures were blackspot free in my garden.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 10 MAR 09 by LoveMyRoses
Thanks. I have a Harm Saville right now & it gets terrible blackspot.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 10 MAR 09 by HMF Admin
Karen & LoveMyRoses & everyone else,

Thank you for sharing your experience but we would ask if you could go one step further and use the Ratings feature of HMF to record your experience. You'll see there is a specific plant rating for "Disease resistance".

It would be tremendously useful to have more site guests take the few minutes to rate the plants they grow. Your ratings are anonymous but you can change your ratings anytime should your opinion change.
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Initial post 9 MAR 09 by LoveMyRoses
How is this rose as far as disease resistance? Especially blackspot.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 MAR 09 by HMF Admin
See the "How Do I" button for tips on how learn about site guest experiences for a specific plant.
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