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Cherrykist of NC Zone 7
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Initial post 19 SEP 08 by Cherrykist of NC Zone 7
This is the first season for Janet in my garden. While it lists here Janet at 4 ft. Mine is already that height and still going. I just read in one of David Austins books about English roses and it says Janet could be an 8ft climber.
My Janet has no scent at all...maybe as she gets older I am hoping but even if it doesn't develope a scent she is still a beauty. Janet is clean and vigorous in my southeast zone 7 garden.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 20 SEP 08 by HMF Admin
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this rose. It's posts like yours that really make HelpMeFind a useful resource.

PLEASE people, take the time to share your experience and insights by posting comments, identifying your favorites, posting your ratings of plants you grow or are knowledgeable about.
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