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13 FEB 10
Foot-deep snow has taken a bit of a toll on some of the roses. I think it's repairable, at least what I can see, but I'm very worried about my Fragrant Cloud, as one of the canes has vanished under a pile of snow...
13 JUL 09
Very impressed with the heat resistance of this rose. Per local news, as of today, we've had 14 100-degree-plus days this summer, 9 of which were this month... and I'm still not sure Red Masterpiece has noticed. It's putting out new growth again, including buds, and looks set to double in size by the time cool weather rolls around again.
21 JUN 09
Dead. Again.

This was my second plant; the first was in a pot all its life, in dappled sunlight, and just died, one cane at a time, even when I moved it into a sunnier spot. This one was in a pot for a few months and then went into the ground this spring, in full sun, and almost overnight just kicked the bucket. It's now a charming brown-black set of twigs.

Clearly, I'm doing something very, very wrong for this rose. I love the coloration, but I think I need to give it a rest for now. Maybe in a few years, I'll try again.
9 APR 09
Researching my little bitty dollar store potted roses, as well as the yellow ones I just got.

The yellows have a tag that says they're a Kordana. I'm guessing the whites are much the same.

Whites may be:
Emely Kordana (looks very close)
Pepita Kordana ("cream with a pink center" isn't quite right)
Escimo Kordana (too many petals to my memory, will check as it blooms)
Vanilla Kordana (may be too yellow, but close)
Pearl Kordana (possibly too pink)

Yellows may be:
Goldy Kordana
Sunbeam Kordana
Mandarina Kordana
Solero Kordana
Mabella Kordana
Smile Kordana
Kathy Kordana

More to be determined after they open, I think. Both yellow and white are at bud stage.
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