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16 JAN 05
Most of the clean up is over from the hurricanes. Many of the roses lost all of their leaves and were uprooted from the soil even though all were double tied with rebar and tree tape. I have applied the following to all roses; new soil, organic supplements such as bone meal, alfalffa pellets and plenty of patience! Amazingly, some roses that looked like they would not make it, have been coming back with new growth. I lost many roses due to their canes wipping back and forth.
One of my losses was r. mulligani. I cut back all the dead wood in Mermaid leaving about 4 feet of growth. It has new growth, but I am not sure if it will come back. Most teas, chinas, noisettes and species that had been in the ground for at least 9 months with an established root system survived.
The chinas are so reliable. Old blush continues to amaze me. Two bushes of old blush were planted about 5 years ago. They experienced flooding when a canal overflowed. They had about a foot of water surrounding them for several days. They are now blooming and doing well.
All of the potted roses floated in a foot of water after the last hurricane. Many of the newly rooted roses died, but to my amazment, the older potted roses survied!
The new section of the garden will be replanted next month after the last few days of our cold weather. Central Florida isn't experiencing a cold winter this year!
5 OCT 04
We are in the process of recovering from Hurricane Frances and Jeanne. The gardens experienced high winds over 100 MPH and heavy rainfall. A large canal next to the us overflowed into the gardens. Only time will tell which ones survive. We will replant and rebuild!
20 JUL 04
Recent addtions to the 'Lil Malmaison Garden: A row of 14 own root knockouts were planted as a hedge in a section of the new garden area. A backdrop of small climbing Noisettes will be planted to grow up on latticing and fencing.. Teas are planted in the front with Rugosas and Hybrid Musks in the back with room to sprawl. Two Gallicas were planted also to see how well they perform. If roses other than those that naturally do well in the Central Florida area are planted, roses that have some China in their background.

Unfortunately we had to take 2 trees down due to their invasive roots. We have left 2 that are growing inside the garden and plan to leave them there and root prune them.

The general health of the roses has been excellent. But, we are only now starting to experience our summer rains.
30 JUN 04
I will begin keeping a journal of my activities with the gardens so others can benefit from it or you can watch my mistakes!
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