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Initial post 21 JUL 12 by Jay-Jay
Is this climbing rose a once-, or continuous bloomer?
Reply #1 of 8 posted 21 JUL 12 by Eloise
Hello Jay-Jay, Valdemar is a once bloomer, but it started to bloom in June, and is still looking the same.. I guess thanks to the relatively cool and rainy summer.
Reply #2 of 8 posted 21 JUL 12 by Jay-Jay
Good evening Eloise, thank You for Your reply and for uploading those beautifull photo's. I'll try to contact the Cedergren Rose-nursery, if they ship to the Netherlands.
Or else I would have to look if I can get some budwood/cuttings. My daughter loves this kind of roses.
I hear from You that not only the Dutch have exclusive rights on a rainy cool summer.
Kind regards, Jay-Jay.
Reply #3 of 8 posted 30 JUL 12 by Jay-Jay
Cedergren Plantskola is willing to send me this and other roses.
Thank You for attracting my attention towards this pretty climber.
Reply #4 of 8 posted 30 JUL 12 by Eloise
Glad to be of any help!:)) Congratulations, in Sweden we say "everybody should have a Valdemar!":)
best regards/ Eloise
Reply #5 of 8 posted 30 JUL 12 by Jay-Jay
Yes, everyone needs a hero!
And Cedergren has a lot of beautifull roses and other plants for sale.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 8 NOV 12 by Jay-Jay
Today the Valdemars arrived in very good and healthy condition. Strong plants with a lot of good roots.
Reply #7 of 8 posted 9 NOV 12 by Eloise
Reply #8 of 8 posted 9 NOV 12 by Jay-Jay
Do You have lots of hips on Valdemar this year, or doesnt it set hips at all?
And if You have, would You please be so kind to take some pictures of them and upload them on HMF?
I'm looking forward, how it will behave in my garden and climate.
One of the Valdemars is going to my daughter in Arnhem and will grow good river-clay and absorb sunshine (I hope).
.... Oops, I just saw the photo of Christina i Taxinge of very nice orange hips. So I've got my answer!
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Initial post 12 NOV 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
These tints are often quite difficult to capture, but you've done a beautiful job of it, Eloise. The russets are "blued-oranges" and they frequently appear to our eyes as this does in your photo, while photos of them appear too orange. I'm impressed and enjoyed seeing your work very much. Thank you!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 13 NOV 11 by Eloise
Thank you for your encouraging words! I love the Russets, but they are - as their dark red camrades - very hard to capture.. It is difficult for the orangeyellow and the bluish to intermingle in the same camera lens..
Have this problem with eg Munstead Wood, Wild Rover ..
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Initial post 3 SEP 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
I know roses appear vastly different in different places, but the three photos of this rose in this garden are so totally out of character with all other photos of it I have ever seen as well as all the blooms I ever had on it in nearly twenty years of growing it, it leads me to suspect something is very wrong. Blue Moon is a lighter lavender. These three photos show a very saturated, deep purple rose, tremendously darker than anything I have ever observed or seen in photos. Is there a possibility it could be a different rose?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 3 SEP 11 by Eloise
Thanks for your question! I must say I am astonished myself, the rose was given to me as Blue Moon in 2009, it is from a swedish gardener. I have been discussing this one in Sweden on a rose forum, with another holder of a cerise - not lavender blue - Blue Moon. Actually we are disappointed.
These new pictures are dark - I know - they were taken in the evening with warm sunset-light.
I have another picture at HMF, of the Blue Moon, which is older. if you look back you can see it. It is the same rose!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 3 SEP 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
Amazing Eloise! In 25+ years of being intimately involved with Blue Moon, I have never seen it aproximate anything close to what it is doing for you. I'm not doubting the validity of the identification, just expressing amazement at the color. It's as Ralph Moore used to love to say, "Just when you think you know the rules, the rose changes them!" Thanks. Kim
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Initial post 3 SEP 11 by Eloise
I will delete my late photos of Blue Moon, because I get really insecure which rose this really is.. had some discussion that it could be the rose Twice in a Blue Moon - but looking it up at the HMF, I get the same results as for Blue Moon: the flowers are in general too bleach for my rose. hum.. will I ever get to know what it is?
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