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23 APR 11
Fortune's double yellow finished. Old Blush passed peak as has climbing American Beauty, Amadis, Clementina, Duchess de Brabant, Agrippina

Peaking now: Buff Beauty, Alister Stella Gray, Sweet Nothings, Prosperity, Dr. Huey, Floribunda of the Dumpster, Plaisanterie, Don Juan, Goldilocks,

Showing nicely...Marjorie Fair, Trier, R. Glauca, Lamarque Imposter, Tausendschon

The Evening Primrose is marvelous with Honesty and Dame's Rocket.

I love the Euphorbias.
17 APR 11
Hesperis is great with honesty. Bearded iris is starting.
17 APR 11
Fortune's Double Yellow is the most beautiful of yellow roses. Soft and buttery, blooming together with Old Blush, Amadis and Agrippina. Plaisanterie and Alister Stella Gray are starting. Tausendschon is taking a very long slow take off. Climbing American Beauty just bust out. Golden Showers and Goldilocks are also blooming. Buff Beauty is showing very well. Too bad Ladybanks is not blooming this year.

Sweet Nothings has been going great guns and would look good with Amadis nearby. La Marne is so blah. It's almost done and who cares? Don Juan has been showing off, too.

Secret Garden Musk died again. drat. Anda got set back by too much fertilizer. drat drat.

Prosperity is getting ready.
6 APR 11
Clementina Carbonieri, La Marne, Tausendshon, Anda, Plaisanterie have all put on a few blooms.

Still have late white tulips, pheasant eye narcissus, honesty, creeping phlox.
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