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9 OCT 10
I just boght this from Home Depot. What a find! What a smell! It's stunning!
9 OCT 10
I just bought this rose from Home Depot. It's on the UC Davis list and is hard to find, so I snagged the last one! I'm looking forward to growing it and propagating it. 10/09/10
3 OCT 10
10/02/10; I just bought this rose from Home Depot and fell in love with the color of it, even though I thought it was mismarked until I got home and checked on the HMF. It's not mismarked! I don't know why it's so hard to find, but I'm glad I bought when I did. It has stunning flowers on it.
3 OCT 10
10/2/10; I just bought this from Home Depot. The saleswoman says she owns a BB and loves it. She planted hers a pot and keeps it in the shade under a tree. So it's shade tolerant, but we live in Arizona where it can get extremely hot. It is an adorable little flower and the pictures that I've seen, even though they're very good, still do not do justice to this rose!
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